Bwog Book Club: Nobody Move Update

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A while back we introduced readers to the next Bwog Book Club book, Denis Johnson’s Nobody Move, a serial noir novel published in Playboy magazine. There’s been a slight change of plans: we’re reviewing the first two sections at once, starting early next week. That means you should find the nearest newsstand to pick up the August issue of Playboy if you want to join in.

This particular series is being run by first-time book-clubbers. We’re thinking up some questions, but if you have any good suggestions, e-mail bwog with your words.

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  1. hmm

    would much prefer you focussed on the hot women in the magazine instead

  2. yay

    i love reading playboy because I can use my penis as a convenient bookmark.

  3. wow

    i did that for lit hum but i couldn't sell the books back afterwards

    • Ah yes

      I too busted many a nut over swift-footed Achilles, and fair-haired Menelaus.
      And I had no problem selling my books to freshmen. I just told them that the book had fewer pages because it's a condensed version, what a deal!

  4. denis johnson?

    couldn't you find someone a little less anxious to kill himself with his own prose?

    this serial will be a bust. why he won the nba is beyond me - tree of smoke was poop.

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