Off-Campus Flex Update #1586: It’s Everywhere You Want to Be!

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WestsideWhen last we left the great promises of Off Campus Flex, we were bemoaning its demise and then celebrating its resurrection.  But now, as part of a long list Housing and Dining improvements (which include a mini-Mill Korean at Carleton Lounge in Mudd, faux-vitamin water in John Jay, a taco bar in Ferris Booth, and churros and $9.99 cases of water in JJ’s), there is a new list of locations that currently and will soon accept flex.  Nussbaum, Fairway, Westside and University Hardware and Houseware currently offer the option, while Chipotle, CampusFood, Amir’s, The Heights, Samad’s and Camille’s will be up and running sometime this summer.  Once school restarts, however, the original Mill Korean and Community Food and Juice will join the flex-wielding ranks.  And if you need further excuse to discuss collegiate gourmet, Housing and Dining created a Facebook group just for you!


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  1. just a tip

    the georgian president who is a law school alum has his hands full w/putin right now

  2. It'll never be

    as good as it was with Ham Del.

    I lived the entire year never having money for anything. Then, in one glorious week, all the food, beer, and cigarettes I could handle dropped into my lap without ever having money leave my hand. For once, this school made it EASIER to enjoy my vices.

    They should open up Flex at Ham Del for one week each year in remembrance of our fallen indulgences.

  3. Ugh

    I have never ever been a Putin suporter but this is brazen and stupid on the Georgian's part. On the eve of the Olympics they launch an attack and then beg the West to come to their aid against Soviet Union II. The region is overwhelmingly pro-Russia (90% or more) and Georgia really just needs to let it go. This is Georgia's doing and let's hope this doesn't get escalated into a crisis.

  4. yes!!!

    my fin aid allotted for dining is going into flex now for westside. yesssssssssssssssssssss

  5. ...  

    they had mill korean in mudd all last year.

  6. Oh Man

    That old, Asian bartender at the Heights going to be so surprised when I run up a $150 tab at happy hour and pay it with Flex.

  7. purple

    Assuming (with a big if) that this doesn't die like Hamdel flex, I am excited.

  8. yo bwog

    mill korean has always been at carleton lounge as long as i can remember... welcome to marketing 101: make things seem like theyre new.

  9. hardy har har

    this is very excited! We can use it at Community too? Alright!

  10. okay..

    so what you're saying is that if a separatist group can gain control of a region that has been part of a country..the country should allow it to secede because of ethnic demographics even though its already allowed it a large degree of autonomy? What you're suggesting is global destabilization because the same thing applies to the basque region, the kurds, kashmir, chechnya and host of other places.

    also you're just incorrect about a lot of the other babble you spilled in your comment--the ossetians are not russians in terms of ethnic lineage and they don't generally look to join russia--most of the people in the two georgian regions that have a good degree of autonomy prefer independence to control from either country

    as for whether or georgia's military moves were correct..there's a whole back history behind it that you should be aware of revolving around NATO and tacit and outright military and financial support from the russians to rebels

  11. DONT get a plan

    Getting a brunch at John Jay is cheaper w/ DD than it is per meal with a 30-meal plan. Those bastards.

  12. clearly  

    we owe all of this to George Krebs

  13. Does

    the Chipotle near campus give out "student sodas" to college students, too?

    -Terrible 12er

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