New Thai Place Opens Across the Street From New Thai Place

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Let’s give a hearty welcome to Wondee Siam, the latest addition to Morningside’s new roster of promising-sounding restaurants. The restaurant will be opening on Amsteram and 107th — a bold move, as that’s right across the street from Thai Market — and will be the Wondee Siam chain’s fourth location.

According to Eating in Translation, the grand opening will coincide with the start of school.  Reviews throughout the Internet are generally positive. And also, there’s apparently a secret menu written only in Thai.

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  1. nooooo  

    isn't the market saturated yet???

  2. foodie  

    Seems a bit cheaper than Thai Market, and I'm sure the portions won't be as dreadfully petite. Still, Thai Market is more chic. Thai Market will probably remain the better restaurant to eat at, but this should be much better for take out/delivery.

  3. anyone know...

    if this place is BYOB like the one a little bit downtown?

  4. yay

    love thai food and this place sounds pretty authentic judging by the reviews on menu page sooo excited!!!

  5. YES!!

    This place is the best! I lived around the corner from the one in Hell's Kitchen for a month one summer, and I went there all the time. It's noticeably cheaper than Thai Market, not as stuck up and the portions are huge. Not to mention it just all round tastes far better. Its green curry is actually spicy, for one thing. Rejoice!

    • Wow

      If you think Thai Market (on a fairly unappetizing stretch of Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper Upper West Side) is chic, then I hate to see the kinds of places you frequent on a daily basis.

      Spending an ounce of money on the atmosphere of a restaurant does not automatically make it stuck up and pretentious. Jeez.

      • Huh?

        I didn't say Thai Market was chic. That was poster #2 and maybe #7 implied it.

        Thai Market's attitude is disproportionate to its quality of food and dining atmosphere. That is my 0.002

  6. Yeah

    Thai market is a great place to eat, but I have to say I am sick of all the chic New York restaurants and welcome a simpler dining experience. I (and a lot of people I know agree) that chic restaurants are uncomfortable places to eat and often make a person feel as if they are being judged.

  7. yay

    thai food lovers, have you guys tried land thai kitchen on like 84th and amsterdam? definately worth a try!

  8. Oops,

    my two cents, not two of some medium of exchange as of yet uninvented.

  9. foodie strikes back  

    well...chic relative to the neighborhood.

  10. gahhh

    god damn it...stop telling people about land. you have to wait long enough to get a table there as it is. no one go to land. its awful

  11. um...

    i've eaten at land at least 3 times (dinner and lunch) and have never had to wait for a table. Yes, it is small but absolutely worth the trip - the food is great!

  12. meh  

    maybe it was a bad night, but the last time I went to Thai market, it sucked. I have been probably a dozen times or so, but when I went at the beginning of the summer, the prices had increased (which wasn't a big deal since it is still cheap), and the food quality had plummeted. Maybe the chef was on vacation.

    As for land, meh.

  13. question

    does anyone know the exact date of the grand opening of this place?

  14. yea well

    we need a good chinese place around columbia!

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