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Let’s welcome to the Internet Career Center’s new post-MonsterTRAK website. (Hopefully you remembered to remove all resumes, cover letters, etc. that you might have saved in the old system.)

Features of the new website include lengthy sections about everything from interviewing for jobs (“Men: Never wear white socks”) to the art of negotiation and a graph that illustrates how your skills can translate into jobs: for instance, a skilled researcher might be interested in “clinical research, market research, policy research, or magazine research.”  Plus, according to the website, “you will also be able to maintain a person calendar,” which is a calendar designed specifically for people, just like you!

LionSHARE will be releasing how-to tutorials in the coming weeks with information about using the new system and presumably an email annoucing its existence.

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  1. ...

    so alumni that just graduated (2007) can't access the employment portal?

    that's outstanding, columbia.

  2. ...

    sorry. make that 2008.

  3. finally!  

    a better website that can show me how not to make as much money as the other ivies! thanks columbia!

  4. YO yo  


  5. Wait Bwog

    what do you mean "Hopefully you remembered to remove all resumes, cover letters, etc. that you might have saved in the old system"

    Elaborate please - is there a privacy issue here?

  6. real news

    ec has new washing machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ZvS

    Bwog, if you don't point out that, in fact, it was BWOG ITSELF that pioneered the name "LionShare" from 2005 to 2006, I may have to stop reading.

  8. this...

    LionShare is confusing!

  9. hmm  

    there is no nsop concert this year because nsop is overbudget. i thought this was old news.

  10. wait...

    overbudget or underbudget? nsop has no money? wow! I never knew wonder no one has brought up the concert

  11. editors... glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Learn to spell "lengthy" before you critique "person calendars"

  12. LionShare Sucks

    Columploy would have been a much better name... and my boy had a better logo drawn up than that walking lion they got there...

  13. ...

    seriously. can anyone access to the job database? it just gives me an invalid username message each time i correctly enter my uni/pass.

  14. hey bwog  

    what's going on in schapiro? the water is out in all the bathrooms and it is leaking out of the ceiling in the lobby. uh ohz.

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