1. Errant Thneed

    Did his severance package include an extra letter at the end of his last name?

  2. erato

    now who will be alex statman's wingman?

  3. crying shame

    he was/is one of the most innovative programmers in contemporary music and really gave columbia some great publicity.

    bwog any ideas who's follows behind him?

  4. hiya

    this has nothing to do with this article.

    i can't believe the registrar did this: the class was originally scheduled for 10:35am, now its 7:45am! is that even legal?

  5. um...

    I wouldn't be surprised if that was just a mistake...but who knows

  6. Yeah...

    Having worked with the scheduling division there are a few possibilities with that:
    1) It's a mistake (they happen at the registrar...a lot)
    2) Somebody forgot to file for a room at the first timeslot, and there were no more classrooms at the time.
    3) Your teacher has a lot of pull and can call his/her own, non-traditional times for classes (yes, there are professors who can get this to happen).

  7. Wow

    Well at least it will be a very small class once everyone has a chance to switch out.

  8. shira


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