Old Enough to Take U. Writing but Too Young to Drink

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The presidents of 100 universities and colleges (including Duke, Dartmouth and Syracuse) have signed a petition demanding that lawmakers consider lowering the drinking age to 18.

Your PrezBo is not on this list, because he too has seen the invitation for “Stephan’s Party” (right) and he is simply terrified of what would happen if that open bar really did serve alcohol

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  1. ...

    if you're old enough to participate in the selective service, then you're old enough to have a drink if/when the postcard shows up.

  2. zoidberg

    if you're old enough to vote, then you're old enough to have a stiff drink when you realize that the politics is really disappointing and not at all what wolf blitzer makes it out to be.

  3. hahahah

    i like both answers.

  4. Anonymous

    If you're old enough to pee, you're good enough for me.

  5. lol

    That is a hilarious defense of Prezbo's absence, but he does not deserve the benefit of your wit.

  6. Anonymous

    WOW I'm glad I just graduated and will not be subjected to some of these 2012ers. Stephan Vincenzo seems like such an unbelievable tool. I couldn't comprehend the reality of his existence, so I became curious and obviously lurked his facebook. His status is currently:
    "Stephan Vincenzo already has 3 articles written about him and he is not even on campus yet... these are going to be some interesting 4 years... NOTORIOUS"

    Ew. That makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. I love Columbia, a lot. My 4 years there were incredible- but when it attracts someone like this I just want to puke.

    And ps- Duvet is for crackhead slimey greaseballs from jersey. Have fun!!

  7. stephan

    He is the tania anjelica of 2012. So bwog will not cover him forever, but everyone will always know who he is. Especially cuz he's tall and has weird hair

  8. Another 2012er

    I met Stephan. He's not as bad as he comes across online.

  9. yet another '12er

    #8: I totally agree...

    #9: What does your attempted witticism about his sexuality have to do with anything?

    #10: I certainly hope that he isn't. He's made his share of enemies before setting foot on campus...

    And now back to the topic at hand: If anyone cares to support the Amethyst Initiative and perhaps encourage PrezBo to sign, please join the facebook group linked below. Thanks!

  10. Honesty

    Dropping the drinking age won't help anything. College administrators just want it lowered so they don't have to deal with it. People under 21 want it dropped to so they can buy booze anywhere. I did too, until I turned 21 and now I realize it'd be a stupid move.

  11. Anonymous

    Lowering the drinking age isn't going to stop binge drinking at college. The source of binge drinking, beer pong, flip cup, asshole, etc is college.

  12. at this point

    I am embarrassed to have my name in the same server bank as this douchebag. Columbia really knows how to pick 'em. And all in the name of diversity, no less.

  13. like  

    if you're old enough to say open bar, you're old enough for stephan's party.

  14. iheartbwog

    I thought the open bar was without the alcohol...

  15. that's the point

    of number 18's post

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