A Trip to Virginia, with the College Dems

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The College Democrats have announced the location of this year’s Campaign Fun Trip, and it is to Virginia! Northern Virginia, specifically.

They’ll be campaigning for Obama, Senate hopeful Mark Warner, and Judy Feder, who is running for Congress. 

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  1. bad idea

    northern virginia voted for kerry, webb, kaine. and in nva warner is currently beating gilmore by 35 points.

    go to southern virginia. that's where the chris kulawiks live.

  2. i agree

    The Dems should go further south in Virginia to make a real difference.

    However, I don't think that Chris Kulawik is Southern.

  3. excellent

    Actually, CD-10 is a district with a Republican congressman that looks like it could flip to the Democrat, Judy Feder. She's a very strong candidate (healthcare expert, dean of Georgetown School of Public Policy) who lost narrowly to the incumbent last time. This is going to be a very tight and very important race (the DNC has now categorized it as a "red to blue" race plus god knows we need people who understand healthcare) and this is chance to turn out Obama votes in a swing state.

    • CU 07

      I currently reside in District 10, and I hope Feder loses because Representative Wolf is one of the co-founders of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus (along with the late Lantos) and is a co-chair of the Sudan Caucus.

      That's reason enough for me to keep one of few members of Congress who care about and act on human rights in office.

  4. bad idea 2.0

    Actually, there are vulnerable Republicans in at least three southern Virginia races. Also, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th CDs all have GOP backbenching incumbents that keep winning because people like you won't go there. Also also, CD 10 is going to vote for Warner by 20+ points while he's down single digits in the 6th and 7th. So, you know, shut up.

  5. yay

    Nice to see that Jon Backer hasn't lost his touch.

  6. well

    warner's race if safe, no matter where they go. as #4 said, the 10th CD has a GOP incumbent that keeps winning - all the more reason to go there. the 10th district will be an important part of an Obama victory in Virginia, and he and McCain are close in CD-10, with the numbers regularly fluctuating. the 10th district has historically been a Republican district, but has a better chance of turning blue for all candidates than many areas in the south.

  7. CD-10

    It's important not to confuse the 10th district with the reliably democratic dc suburbs. Arlington (CD-8) and Fairfax (CD-11) went for Kerry in 04, but Loudoun, Clarke, and Frederick counties (which make up CD-10), went for Bush.,_2004

  8. well,

    all of this being said, the dems' campaign trips are actually really fun.

  9. Actually  

    I think the CD-10 is a great choice. Get Out the Vote (GOTV) is most effective in Democratic strongholds, like Lorraine and Cuyahoga counties, where the Dems have gone in Ohio in '04 and '06. The idea is to get as many Democrats as possible out to the polls in the waning hours, and your resources are best spent in places where there are a lot of likely Democrats in areas with lackluster turnout. I can't wait!

    With much affection,


  10. ...  

    joe biden?! seriously?! what a fucking disaster.

  11. DHI

    Warner's gonna win for sure.

    They love Warner in VA, even some places in the South.

    Dude could seriously be President in '08 or '12.

  12. DHI

    I mean '12 or '16

    Damn it is already 2008.

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