Lots of Thinking at the Heyman Center

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While basically just waiting for classes to begin, we found ourselves looking over The Heyman Center’s new fall schedule. As usual, it’s mostly academic events with a few more timely topics mixed in. Some highlights:

  • “What Was Democracy” (Sept. 22nd): Joyce Appleby of UCLA discusses early American democracy with Columbia’s own Eric Foner. 
  • “Lionel Trilling and His Legacy” (Oct. 3rd): the influence of the famous literary critic/author/Columbia professor is the subject of a day-long conference, including the New Yorker‘s Louis Menand. Free copy of Partisan Review not included.
  • “An Election Post-Mortem” (Nov 5th): Katha Pollitt of The Nation and Bwog favorite Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker review the election the day after.

  • “%@#?!: From a Ten-Cent Plague to a Ninth Art in 90 Minutes” (Dec. 1st): Journalism professor David Hadju is joined by artist Art Spiegelmann, best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus.

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