Collegeboxes: The Return

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Today is not only the first day of school, it’s also the day when Controversial Storage Company Collegeboxes (the very same one banned from Barnard) makes its glorious return to campus, maybe with some of your stuff in tow!

Bwog spoke with one girl waiting in front of Lerner to retrieve her packages. She warned us that if we were waiting for boxes, better to call ahead for your pick-up time, as she mistakenly believed her belongings would arrive by 11 AM, and but in reality, they would not arrive until noon. It’s a harrowing tale, but it’s one we can all learn from.

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  1. anon  

    I used Hudson Storage and my boxes were delivered promptly and handled (more or less) efficiently.

  2. I hate

    college boxes. They are completely worthless and Columbia should ban them just like barnard.

  3. well  

    I used college boxes and everything was delivered promptly on Saturday morning with no problem. No I do not work for them, and yes last year a couple of my boxes were late, but it seems like they have gotten their act together this year.

  4. umm...  

    That truck is actually for Hudson storage. Hudson was delivering outside today not collegeboxes.

  5. 2595 (or something)

    If anybody sees my boxes, call me? Maybe they've turned up in the past year or so...

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