Meet Ferris’ New Taco/Burrito Stand

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In case you haven’t been to Ferris yet — maybe you’re holding off on that particular pleasantry until later in the semester — we’d like to call your attention the new burrito/taco station (right), which sits where the stir-fry paraphernalia once was. 

Initial reactions to the tacos and burritos are guardedly optimistic and dissatisfied, respectively. Apparently, there’s been some trouble tortilla-wise, as one customer recalls a chef explaining that employees aren’t yet comfortable enough with the tortillas for you to expect the burritos not to fall apart.

With the tightness of the tortilla just a dream down the road, the burrito is “like a soggy dosa,” the student said. Still, she said, the tacos are “okay.” 

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    I thought it was horrible and I am so sad that the curry is gone!

  2. thanks columbia  

    the little faux-asian station was just about the only thing I was willing to eat from columbia dining.

  3. typical cu students

    always wishing for tight tacos but settling for a loose, soggy mess.

  4. ugh  

    Awful. I'd take Chipotle or Taqueria over that crap any day. Guac and beans from a tube? Unrolled burritos? No lettuce half the time? To top it all off, the tortillas are stale and a little bit hard.

  5. oh uh uh  

    i'm so glad i didn't refill my dining dollars yet. truth, they have taken away my true stir-fry love.

    please tell me the curry's not gone???

  6. oh and  

    for real, why does ferris booth always try to be "trendy" with their foods?
    we flock to chipotle because its good and high quality and taqueria because its real, none of which i believe have ever been used to describe ferris.

  7. Why  

    do people love to suck chipotle's balls so much?

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