QuickBW: Freshmen Abound!

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This first issue of The Blue and White was made with Columbia’s newest inhabitants in mind.

bwcoverDearest overachievers: perhaps the humanities is not the way to go for that A+…

If you came to Columbia in search of fat cats, look no further.

They are at the top of student government and the campus music scene.  Take heed future presidents and rock stars.

For the strong and beautiful neighbors across Broadway, a conversation with your new president, maverick economist and baby expert.

Beware of documents named output.xls.

And finally, this is the very best of your prefrosh Facebook encounters.

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  1. man  

    Holder was a fall guy on that pardon, Clinton told him Rich needed to be pardoned for security reasons.

  2. ...  

    Despite these disagreements, many granted that something ought to be done to achieve clearer standards. Shrader had a story. "I went on a job interview once," he told me, "and I had my 4.0 GPA printed on my resume, and the interviewer said, 'Well, Columbia grades out of 4.33. Why do you have a 4.0?'

    "Thank you very much for your time. I'm afraid I have no further interest in continuing this interview. I wish you all the best in future endeavors."

  3. who did

    the anatomy lesson parody on the cover? reminds me of steve bell's cartoons for the guardian - practically every one a sendup of contemporary politics using a famous painting.

  4. lesson

    That "A+" article was one of the dumbest, shallowest articles I have read all year. It is precisely this type of needless, mindless cut-throat rancor that prevents this college from living up to its potential. I don't think I'd be assuming too much to conclude that the author didn't get any of the A+'s he seems to crave. If so, there should be little doubt as to why not.

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