Columbia College Website May Now Actually Be Functional

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webpageWhile the Obama-McCain registration page appears to be broken at this time–most likely overwhelmed by all of you constantly refreshing the page–the unchanging black-and-blue interface of Columbia College has undergone a makeover. Here’s hoping it’s more navigable than the last. 

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  1. annoyed  

    is it really broken? does columbia just need more bandwidth?

  2. ...  

    You have been entered in the student ticket lottery for the "ServiceNation Presidential Candidates Forum".

    If your name is chosen at random, you will be notified via email on Monday, September 8, 2008; this confirmation email will contain instructions for claiming your ticket, as well as admission requirements for the event.

    Student status of all ticket lottery winners will be verified.
    For more information, please call 212-854-7328.

    Thank you.

    I got through! The site's not broken, just overloaded. Be patient and keep trying.

  3. lolz  

    even the columbia college website is overwhelmed

  4. ...  

    ugh i have been patient. i got through to the form but it wouldn't actually go through! now i can't get back. i've been doing this for 45 minutes and i'm getting annoyed. i can't sit at my computer all day long.

  5. Why is it...  

    that I'm using Firefox at a CU Work Computer, and when I go over the URL for the lottery, it says "Blocked" and the URL multiple times?

  6. pissed off  

    It seems as if it is simply a bandwidth issue, but it also looks as if CUIT is doing nothing about it, saying it is simply all of the students' faults for logging on at the same time.

    CUIT is a joke and they should be recognized as such.

  7. ...  

    wtf wtf wtf i've been trying for 2 hours

  8. pissed off  

    I've been trying since 9:15 this morning when I woke up and it hasn't worked. This is beyond ridiculous.

    I think we all need to call in to CUIT and tell them to change the server to something of higher bandwidth because this is unfair to the student population as a whole. Everyone deserves a fair shot at going to the event, not just the lucky folks for whom the internet decided to grace.

  9. CUIT  

    isn't responsible for the Sundial calendar application...that'd be CCIT, the College's underfunded IT group.

  10. What is... and why does it fail to log in to it repeatedly?

  11. YES  

    I got into the lottery

  12. i've been  

    trying to register for three hours... maybe the trick of the lottery is that only 600 people will ever get through.

  13. jesus almighty

    this is the most upsetting thing in the history of mankind

  14. let's call them  

    Phone numbers to CCIT (who are responsible for that broken lottery application) can be found at I've called them and I think they'll do something if they get more angry phone calls from students.


    I got in only after a few tries. Keep trucking, people.

  16. #15  

    what did they say??

  17. sooo confused  

    So i got in before to the form and filled it out and pressed submit and i got a page loading problem. i haven't gotten in since until just now when i refreshed it said: valid event id needed.

    does that mean i registered or not??

  18. BWOG!  

    Registration is extended until noon tomorrow, acc. to the columbia website!

  19. still pissed off  

    Is there anyway to call CUIT and see if our name has been put in the lottery? I keep getting different error messages and non-error messages and I have no idea what is going on.

  20. CCIT  

    said we should again try later. When I asked them if there is anyone working on it or they're just waiting for a miracle, the response was "I believe so". Not sure what they meant.

  21. SGB  

    Free food in the middle of College walk! Samosas, wings and cupcakes! No signup sheets; we just want to bring the crowd to check out our awesome groups.

  22. #9.  

    This isn't a bandwidth issue - it's a server issue. People are pounding a server that's serving a fairly heavy application (the calendar system) with lots of requests and it's not keeping up. This could have been foreseen, but it's probably CCIT didn't find out about McCain/Obama until everyone else did, which gave them limited time to try to cope.

  23. ugh  

    Anyone else getting this message? What does it mean?

    Authentication failure.The authentication service responded with the following message: WIND returned a "no" response.

    • meh  

      The WIND system is what checks your UNI and makes sure your password is right. So that means either a) somewhere along the way you entered your uni and password wrong, or b) the WIND server crapped out because it was getting too many requests.

  24. lottery extended...

    lottery has been extended for registration til 12pm Saturday

  25. fyi

    Lottery opened till noon sat...

    anyone else starting to see why obama pretends he never went here?

  26. raaarrrrgh  

    so i the registration form has come up a few times now. One of those times after submitting and waiting for it to load the form just reappeared and it said done. I'm assuming it didn't actually go through because I did not receive an email. Now when I click the link I just get through to a page that says event registration with one pink bar beneath it and a button to close the window... wtf

  27. noone  

    The same thing happened to me....and now I'm not sure if I'm entered into the lottery or not. I don't think people are getting emails that confirm they are in the lottery, are they?

  28. barnard, GS  

    its all the barnard and GS shits overwhelming columbia's servers

  29. employee  

    Don't blame CCIT, none of the computer folks found out about this til the very last second. Impossible to deal with these things without some sort of advanced notice.

  30. ...

    Ya, CCIT runs the application and CUIT runs the servers.

    Relatedly, this new design is pimpin'. Give Tom a raise.


    DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO TOMORROW AT NOON*. Stop attempting to sign in else the server crashes.
    Thank you.

    *source: CUIT

  32. G$S

    pressed "submit", took the cat the the park, came back and apparently it worked. Thanks, CUIT!

  33. nik  

    I got an email that the lottery has been extended until noon tomorrow (Saturday). Also, it doesn't matter when you register, just that you register at all. I'm going to try again in the middle of the night.

  34. djc  

    I see they're going for an elephant man-esque reimagining of Socrates

  35. yellow

    The old website had a much classier look, if you ask me.

  36. ...  

    columbia college? isn't that some school for girls in south carolina? i'm happy to hear they have a nice webpage.

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