Extracurriculars, Diagrammed

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You still have an hour and a half left in the activities fair! Hurry up before all the snacks run out (SGB is still serving samoosas and chicken wings, for those out to ruin their diets). Feel free to refer to the following extremely approximate cartogram for locations, and see highlights after the jump.


  Best Contrast: Atheists and Agnostics next to Catholic Catholic Ministries


Most egregious no-show: Columbia Men Against Violence 



Biggest spread, best spiel: Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society



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  1. Fresh  

    The FIRST thing I saw was the BDSM club. Sorta set the tone for the first five minutes.

  2. also  

    I think that grilled cheese group had the best spiel to be honest. Plus, those guys were so hot -- much better spread than the scientists in my opinion.

  3. VERY bored at butler  

    holy jonathan schorsch

    did anyone else see the johnny depp-wannabe near alma mater during this whole thing?

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