1. oh man

    come home safe! thoughts and prayers to her and her family!

  2. Amber Alert  

    Surprise! A young white woman!

    If the news is going to be a lost and found, (and if Bwog's joining up), why don't you post about the Alzheimer's patient who went missing in our very own neighborhood?

  3. insensitive?  

    I saw her on the weather channel terrorizing the Carolinas...

  4. Fellow Saxon Grad  

    This update was just sent to members of the Facebook group:

    I just received a call from a man who says he was with Hannah on Monday. He said that he met her in Green Point at about 5:00am on Monday, and they went to Coney Island together, and he left her there at about 9:00pm. He said that her hair is shorter than in her picture. The police are investigating his claim.

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