PrezBo’s 5K UnFun Run

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Bwog hauled herself out of bed at an ungodly hour this morning to lie in wait for PrezBo as he ran, preceded by two Amazonian bodyguards, in the midst of hundreds all looking around for their leader. It looks like he may have had as rough a night as anyone there.


More photos after the jump!


 The stream of humanity!

topless men

Yeah yeah, we couldn’t resist. 

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  1. bwog  

    why doesnt the service nation lottery work??

  2. alas  

    i've been trying all morning and it won't work!!! no lotto tix for me

  3. Anonymous  

    ughhh....for such a world class institution, you would think columbia would know how to run a lottery...

  4. dominique  

    noooooo! I have to leave to take the GRE in half an hour and it won't work at all!!!

  5. Mmmm  

    The first and third pictures are glorious. Thank you for making my Friday morning that much better, Bwog.

    Our president is a stud.

  6. Also:  

    Does the Naked Run still happen?

  7. LOL  

    beautiful prezbo picture.

    question - does he really have bodyguards and if so...why?

  8. yeah!

    go men's swimming! ow ow! columbiatch

  9. the expression

    on bollinger's face is priceless.

    lee: you snap one more picture kid and i will fucking break your face.

  10. Hmm

    I should have gotten up to see this...

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