The Underground Lounge Never Got So Lucky

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Last night (tonight?)  at the intersection of Broadway and West End, friends of the Kitchen Cabinet, Raul, and the Ceiling packed into a room scarcely larger than a Carman double to witness an unlikely succession of bluegrass and rock that satisfied every taste and craving. Perched on a table, Bwog tapped her toe to the lyrical stylings of campus character Ashraya Gupta and covered her ears to the cacophony of the former Wizards of the Coast.

So college, and yet so glorious.


kitchen cab 

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  1. aww

    the kitchen cabinet.

    so good.

  2. yay  

    i would marry ashraya gupta! good thing this is anonymous.

  3. 114214234224  

    Ash is gorgeous. She is beautiful.

  4. Ash is  

    cute as a button.

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