CCSC First Meeting: Service Fair and Swipe Access, Etc.

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Your (Columbia College) student government is officially functional! The full CCSC met for the first time tonight in Satow, where they’ll be taking care of business every week this year on Sundays at 8:00pm. “We’re going to get in, do what we need, and get out,” said a take-no-prisoners President Krebs of his meeting style. Bwog’s minutes follow, in approximate order of importance.

  • gavelPlans for Obamacain: Rest assured: there will be a jumbotron. In addition, the thousands of you who won’t get lucky in The Lottery (to be overseen by two student representatives to ensure fairness) can still see what CCSC hopes will be an all-star speaker lineup: the council has requested one or two from a list including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie, Usher, and Kenneth Cole. The service fair, detailed below, is very much like the activities fair. It will also include a photo montage, augmented by inspirational music to rally the student population,  as well as an open mic for students to “speak about their own personal experiences with community service as part of the Columbia community.” The whole shebang starts around 6pm.
  • Midnight Mania torpedoed: the sports marketing people have decided this year that rather than throwing a big event to promote fall sports, they will instead bribe students to go to athletics events with prizes like laptops. “It was not our decision in any way,” said campus life VP Robyn Burgess. An alternate event, emceed by Krebs himself, will promote a broader range of sports than just basketball — water polo needs celebrating too! —  and policy VP Adil Ahmed is working on a new student group called “Lion’s Den” as an “organized way of promoting school spirit on campus.”
  • Barnard swipe access: It’s coming! Barnard students indicated overwhelming approval last spring of allowing CC students access to their dorms, which will happen as soon as the electronic kinks get worked out.
  • Manhattanville 2.0: The Committee on Manhattanville has been re-named the the Committee on Manhattanville and Community Building, since “the expansion is happening” in the words of Ahmed. It will be working with the Student Committee on Expansion and Gentrification, which has been re-orienting of late.
  • Courseworks 2.0: expect some changes next month with a new-ish program that will allow multimedia and filesharing.
  • A Bwgossip for Columbia: In a revamp of the liaison system, each student council member will be assigned a few hundred students to communicate with via e-mail, in a system originally pitched as something like our very own listserv. This will make it easier for students to vent their smaller concerns to an actual person, although as one student rep pointed out, it sort of leaves open the actual function of the student rep. “It’s something we need to talk about at some point,” admitted VP communications Ian Solsky.

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  1. fssl

    "Barnard students indicated overwhelming approval last spring of allowing CC students access to their dorms"

    I wouldn't mind being allowed into a Barnard dorm.

  2. haha  

    the person above me sounds creepy.

  3. Re: Barnard Swipe  

    "Why did the Columbia guy cross the road?..."

  4. question  

    does it work the other way around? barnard --> columbia

  5. what about

    us sketchy old gs men? can we get into barnard dorms?

  6. Seriously  

    What the hell? Barnard students get swipe access and GS still can't? I'm 23, for Christ's sake, and goddamn tired of having to make my friends schlep down from their aeries in EC to come get me every time I come over.

  7. soo...

    it's nice of barnard to allow swipe access for Columbia kids, but just so they know, the favor will never be returned because Columbia is very intent on never allowing GS swipe access to the residence halls so by keeping barnard out they have the excuse of no other schools getting access, but they moment they allow barnard, GS has a legit argument to get it also. This can never happen so....tough luck

  8. GS has  

    actually no rights on access. The policy is that anyone with housing in the dorms is given access. Since GS still doesn't have official residence halls they are not considered Columbia University residents and therefore are not entitled to swipe.

    • wrong  

      GS has a number of campus locations set aside for its students. I live in Nussbaum, where, bafflingly, two CC students appear to have been lodged in my suite--which is only for GS and grads. This strikes me as odd because when some CC friends tried to get me into a suite with them for this semester, we were told there was no way a GS student, whatever his age, could get CC housing. Clearly it works fine the other way around.

  9. seas  

    lonely seas wants access to the barnard

  10. Messed Up  

    Last week, I was helping my suitemate move into Hogan. Her swipe access wasn't working, yet her brother, a Columbia Law School student, was allowed in when he swiped. We expressed our confusion to the security guard and he just shrugged his shoulders and was basically like, if the computer says it, it must be so!

    Columbia is foolish and hilarious sometimes, bless its heart...

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