Metaphors Planted in Front of Hamilton

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Now that Columbia’s buildings (and the 25 feet surrounding those buildings) are officially smoke-free, the ashtrays in front of Hamilton — the longtime home of many a clove extinguished in the minutes before a humanities class — have been turned into flower pots.

The War on Tobacco has taken a most poetic turn.

Photo by Joseph Meyers

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  1. those  

    don't look like flowers...they look like MAN-EATING PLANTS

    fitting for Hamilton (talking about you Yatrakis)

  2. hooray!  

    That's twenty-five more feet of clearance between me and the hipsters, and I get flowers to boot!

  3. huh

    it looks like the flower pot on the right switched to big-boy pants a little too soon...

  4. umm  

    what's to prevent people from putting out their cigarettes in the potted plant?

  5. ...  

    hunger strike for smokers' rights! i'm living only on dip and cigarettes until columbia ceases this mindless bigotry and replaces those sacred icons of our nicotine culture. how dare they efface our proud history and green-wash it with the symbols of the neo-liberal-environmental health regime!

    • ...  

      good luck with that.

      that said. the sentiment is nice, but taking away ashtrays isn't going to get people to stop smoking. it's just going to get them to stop putting their butts in ashtrays.

      if you _really_ want to get people to stop smoking, put together a comprehensive program. combine free nrt with an increasingly vigorous exercise program through the gym. make it a PE course that aims to reacquaint smokers with healthy habits.

  6. Now they'll

    be flower pot smoking!

  7. Or...  

    50 feet in front of Lewisohn!

  8. good  

    i get sick of walking through the clouds, produced by freshmen hipsters outside hamilton trying out their first cigs

  9. well,  

    i have to say they're much prettier.

    the older i get, the more smoking annoys me. my appreciation for plants also has been increasing with age, so this is truly a win-win situation.

  10. What do you  

    call it when someone farts in the middle of a hurricane?

    A wind-wind situation!

  11. but

    all the cool kids are doing it

  12. phil  

    is it because your life feels empty without some ritual?

  13. I hate smokers

    Why can't they be normal and just drink all day instead like the rest of us?

  14. carly  

    wait cigs are bad for you?

  15. ...  

    top six reasons why smoking is hard to give up:

    1) you meet people from all walks of life that you would otherwise never speak to.

    2) awkward social situation? excuse me, i need to go feed my addiction.

    3) showing up early to things sucks, you wait for other people. if you smoke a cigarette, you magically get transported to soviet russia, where other people wait for you!

    4) sometimes when working on a hard problem, a solution can be quickly found by going out for a smoke.

    5) if you're doing any sort of indoor-sitdown job/project, it's an excuse to go outside and at least give your bodyclock some light exposure.

    6) going to bars alone and just sitting there is kinda weird. going to bars alone and going out for a smoke every so often is less so. again, you meet people.

    and i guess, the reasons why it's easy:

    1) growing old is scary. but growing old to be the fat dude in the scooter with an oxygen tank. frightening.

    2) it does have an affect on athletic ability. and it can cause a general lethargy.

    3) coughing up crap sucks.

    4) slow painful death by cancer would not be fun.

    5) some people are put off if you and your clothes reek of cigarettes.

    6) it's a gateway drug to either east village/williamsburg or reno nevada. you'll never know which until it's too late...

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