Free Food Roundup

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Like the candidates’ commitment to service, Bwog’s commitment to free food never wavers. Here are just some of the events this evening for you to fill your stomachs at:

  • Last night’s Jumbotron extravaganza not enough for you? The College Dems are having a “debriefing” barbecue from 5-8 in front of Hartley and Wallach.
  • If you like to eat later, CQA is holding its “Queer Sushi” event from 8-10 in the Satow Room (5th Floor Lerner).
  • If you want some art to go with your food, head over to Postcrypt instead from 8-10 for its Summer Photography show. There’ll be live music as well, with free wine and snacks (2 IDs to drink, of course). (Update: the Postcrypt show is next week, not tonight. Bwog will now be signing up for a calendar-reading course…)

Now go feast!

UPDATE 4:44 PM: Everyone seems to value staying dry more than free food. 

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  1. agg  

    Postcrypt show is next week

  2. also  

    Pretty sure the Dems BBQ has been postponed...

  3. My oh my  

    Oy, won't the militant veganistas among the College Dems scream "Meat is Murder!" at the very idea of a BBQ?

    Mmmmmmmm... meat...

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