Robert Byrd Strikes Again

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You may have seen the campus-wide email announcing that, next Wednesday, Columbia will join schools across the country in celebrating Constitution Day. You might also be asking “Constitution Day? Why are we getting a campus-wide email about a holiday I’ve never heard of?”

Well, you have probably never heard of it because the day itself is not that old. Constitution Day only began in 2004, when Senator Robert Byrd stuck an amendment into a big spending bill. The amendment forces any school that receives federal money to provide “educational” materials related to the Constitution.

Once again, Columbia is rolling out John Jay’s papers to meet the requirement. Also, per the email, “for all of you who have lost or mislaid your pocket version of the constitution – copies will be available for free, while supplies last – at the Law School’s Faculty Panel and in the Government & Community Affairs Office in Low Library, Room 309.” It’s almost like they’re not taking this seriously!

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  1. robert byrd  

    Those who don't celebrate constitution day are simply barbaric. Barbaric! ...Barbaric!

    Let that word resound from hill to hill, from mountain to mountain, valley to valley across this broad land...BARBARIC! Barbaric! Barbaric.

  2. Intl Student  

    I want a copy of that constitution, but the Law School reeks of lawyers.

  3. non-sequitur

    how come the Bwog never mentions Dollarama, the Caribbean Students' Association's semesterly party that draws hundreds and hundreds of students from all over the city? it's always a huge event, and I've never seen it mentioned on Bwog...

  4. nerd  

    they've always had free pocket constitutions in the government and community affairs office. I got one there last spring. This "celebration" is complete balderdash.

  5. robert c. byrd  

    and his pork barrel legislation helped me pay for college! yay!

  6. grotius  

    I just like how they presume each of us got a pocket version of the Constitution at some point (I don't remember Columbia distributing these).

    Then again, my copy is at home, so I might take them up.

  7. Sprinkles

    It's not that I have anything against learning about the history of this country, I just resent a load of crotchety old men in Washington DC telling me what to do and when to do it.

  8. ...

    yo bwog, i know you guys aren't finance people but maybe you might want to mention something about all the bank failures in the last week... first freddie/fannie and now Lehman Brothers hitting the shitter... I mean, i think all this will probably effect everyone's daily life as much as the presidential election (i mean, unless you want to live in the woods and don't use a credit card or won't get a job when you graduate)

    • ...  

      blah. boring.

      this won't be interesting until it comes out that columbia's entire endowment is being managed by a single entity that is both failing and connected to columbia in some improper way. (ie: prezbo's brother in law or something)

  9. alum

    I loved going to the rare book library to see Columbia's Jay papers. Constitution Day is the first thing I've heard of where Byrd got it right.

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