World Leaders: Now Including Shakira!

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When we posted about the World Leaders Forum speaker list a few days ago, many of you suggested that more high profile speakers would be announced soon. Well, you were right, though the speakers aren’t for the World Leaders Forum.

A tipster has informed us that, on Wednesday, September 24th, several South and Central American heads of state will be sitting on a panel about poverty in Latin America, including Felipe Calderón of Mexico, Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, Elias González of El Salvador, and Martin Espino of Panama. Joining them will be Columbia’s own Jeffrey Sachs (who just can’t stop hanging out with celebrities), and the pop star/”activist” Shakira. In fairness, Shakira should be used to colleges after taking a class at UCLA last year.

Registration will start on September 17th at 9 A.M.

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  1. then...  

    THEN, at the end of the event, everyone on the pannel is going to have a dance off to see whose hips don't lie.

  2. Stephen Schwelp  

    Rumor has it that last year Bollinger actually hired Shakira's hips to determine whether or not Iran actually has homosexuals.

  3. Have  

    you ever seen a more conscious effort to get into the favorite comments section?

    BWOG dont't be naive.

  4. I'll tell you

    whose hips DO lie. Sarah Trigger-Tracker-Piper Palin's. If her vagina delivered a monologue it would be full of LIES.

  5. this

    thread is getting weird

  6. agreed  

    worst thread ever.

  7. teehee  

    this thread is actually quite hilarious! keep it going everyone!

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