Clinton to Hold Press Conference at Barnard

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Columbia cannot get enough of presidential candidates. The Spec is reporting that former candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton will be holding a press conference on pay equity at Barnard this Monday. The conference itself will be held at 2 p.m. in the Sulzberger Parlor, with a live feed for students in the James Room. Spec also reports that the negotiations for this appearance only started on Friday.

So where does Columbia go from here for speakers? Somehow, Bwog doubts that John Edwards is next. 

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  1. qwerty

    So I'm assuming no students will be allowed in the parlor itself?

  2. i would

    watch john edwards give a seminar on picking up women

  3. agreed  

    john edwards was a slimy, ambulance-chasing shyster EVEN BEFORE he screwed around on his sick wife.

  4. 101010101  

    Would John Edwards chase his wife's ambulance?

    I'm fucked up.

  5. suggestion

    How about George W. Bush as a speaker someday? What would those of you who supported the visit of Ahmadinejad would have to say about that?

    • I supported

      Ahmadinejad coming, and would support Bush coming as well. Clearly, he never would but it would be neat, particularly if there was a real Q and A where he had to answer questions instead of telling a joke and grinning.

  6. ahhhhh!!!

    My apologies for the grammar. Strike that second "would."

  7. ahhhhhhh!!!!!11  

    strike that ignorant suggestion.

  8. ahhhh ha

    I presumed that would be the reaction.

  9. Anyaa  

    why hasn't campus announced this officially?

  10. question  

    can we please have a caption contest for this picture, someone else go first

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