Kim’s Moves to Butler

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Exciting news for heartbroken Kim’s devotees: Bwog just spoke to a lady at the Butler reserves desk, and it seems many movies from the ill-fated video store are being re-located to Butler’s media collection. 

The Butler employee says she’s not sure what exactly they’re acquiring and when, but does think it’s going to be “a lot of DVDs.” 

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  1. slackers  

    Tsk Tsk, BWOG, this has been public knowledge for weeks...

  2. Boy  

    If life were only like this.

  3. rtfjg  

    well, these are probably movies the film studies department and other departments frequently use i'm guessing right? so that's good, at least the loss of kim's doesn't mean we can't locally find films for classes

  4. lol  

    i happen to teach a class at COLUMBIA called tv, media, and culture, so i think that my insights into mr. mcluhan have, a GREAT DEAL of validity!

    i heard what you were saying! you know nothing of my work, how you ever got to teach a class in anything is totally amazing!

  5. do you  

    think we'll be able to take these movies OUT of Butler? (also... for FREE?)

  6. annie hall!  

    is great, and that is a great scene

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