The Mystery of Obama’s CU GPA, As Told By Wayne Allyn Root

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magazine has a recent interview with “King of Vegas” Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root (the fellow at right who appears to be marrying his own dog) in which he demands fellow CC ’83 grad Barack Obama release his Columbia transcript. Join us, as we take a look at some other baseless accusations, demands, and racist nonsense.

First, you should all be aware that “A vote for Obama is four years of Karl Marx, and no one should be happy about that.” Root goes on to point out that Obama’s mother was also a communist, because obviously such things are hereditary. 

Also, Root didn’t know Obama at Columbia, and neither did anyone Root knows. Except black people: “If you track down a couple of black students, they’ll probably know him. But nobody white’s ever heard of this guy,” he said.

In conclusion, Root’s GPA was probably better than Barack Obama’s because Root never saw the guy. In fact, Root is willing to wager “a million dollars cash” that Obama gained entry to Harvard Law School “based on the color of his skin.”

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  1. nice  

    He sounds like an all-round terrific guy.

  2. Why  

    even give this guy press time?

  3. DHI  

    "Also, Root didn't know Obama at Columbia, and neither did anyone Root knows. Except black people"

    Nah, Root didn't know those black people himself.

    "All my buddies are white, what can I tell you!"

    "when I went to Columbia, the black kids were all at like tables going "Black Power!" We used to walk by and go, "What the hell are they talking about." And they didn't associate with us and we didn't associate with them."

  4. tbh

    obama's gpa compared to root's doesn't really matter. The fact that Root is running as a libertarian is evidence enough that the guy's a moron.

  5. poops mcgee  

    All libertarians are naturally tools

  6. ...  

    this guy needs a tv show!

  7. libertarianism  

    is what this country was founded on

  8. one would think  

    that the grammar issues would have been fixed by now...

    X"...he demands fellow CC '83 grad Barack Obama to release his Columbia transcript."X

    How about "...he demands THAT fellow CC '83 grad Barack Obama release his Columbia transcript."

  9. Party Politics  

    and people wonder why we have only two major political parties. This guy makes Joe Biden seem close-mouthed.

  10. Can we get  

    that wedding photo enlarged???

  11. No one

    with an association other than "independent" has the mental capacity and sanity to properly run this country. And lest someone say otherwise, the condition I provided is necessary but not sufficient, and is true of today's political atmosphere, not necessarily in the past.

  12. aha

    but therein lies the rub, because nobody with sufficient mental capacity or sanity runs as an independent

    • well  

      thats right up there with the only man i trust to lead me is the one who's both qualified and has no desire to be my leader

      • not AT ALL

        the sad fact is that nobody with sufficient intelligence and sanity runs, period. Anyone who has the knowledge and skills to understand energy policy on a scientific basis (which is the only realistic way to analyze the particular situation) is in a laboratory. Anyone who can rationally analyze the economy--once again, from a quantitative point of view--is hired by Wall Street or another economic institution. Any person with a deep and profound knowledge of history, society, and war is doing research and writing textbooks.
        At the same time, anyone WITHOUT a sufficient background in ANY of these (or any other) significant topics gives stump speeches, claims that everything is "God's will," and devotes his (or her) life to personal glory, the antithesis of bettering society. Yes, the best leader is a reluctant one, but I do not think lack of a desire to lead is necessary. There ought to be the right reasons to lead -- and such reasons most certainly do not include the advancement of self or of one's party's political agenda.

        • Bee Tee DoubleU

          I now very strongly believe (admittedly, without much foundation in facts) that Obama is hiding his transcript because he did actually have high grades. In today's decrepit political atmosphere, our "small-town folk" don't want an "intellectual elitist," they want the guy they can have a beer with. They want the guy who graduated at the bottom of his class. They want the girl who's a beauty queen and a hockey mom, not an "elitist" who might actually have an original (and therefore inherently controversial) idea.

          • yeah  

            Although I think he did better in law school, he was magna cum laude.

          • strongly believing

            Be careful about very strongly believing anything when you don't have a foundation in facts. If he was trying not to appear as an intellectual elitist, he would talk about Harvard as little as possible, rather than mentioning it at every opportunity available, and instead emphasize his years as a mediocre student and star basketball player in high school. Don't you think it's at least plausible that someone who hardly ever mentions his undergraduate years except in negative undertones ("I was a monk..."), and who was "audacious" enough to tell Bollinger last week that "with all due respect... I got my real education elsewhere" (sic)-- might not have been so enamored of this place?

          • umm

            I never said that's not possible. It is, and it's also a likely scenario. But not being enamored of a place isn't a reason not to release his records. I got my transcript recently (it's free! unlike everything else at CU), and there's no section on "sentiments about Columbia." It lists my courses, the number of credits, and the respective grades. Nothing more, nothing less. Even if there were controversial courses or something, those could be blocked out and only his GPA displayed (or something along those lines). So I don't think it's just an issue of not liking the place.
            I think he's performing a very delicate balancing act, and there's something in his record that he just can't let out. Say what you will about the man (I sure as hell have), but he's a brilliant cutthroat politician.

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