Lions Upset No. 6 UCSB in Soccer

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Bwog’s a little late with this item, but we didn’t want any more time to go by without congratulating the Columbia men’s soccer team on their 3-1 victory yesterday over UC Santa Barbara, who were ranked 6th in the country (and who won the national title two seasons ago).

Despite being outshot 22-7, the Lions held on to bounce back from their Friday night loss to SUNY Stony Brook. Sophomore Bayo Adafin (pictured at right in a photo by Columbia University Athletics) scored all three goals, and has recieved several national and regional awards, including being named to the College Soccer News National Team of the Week.

The team’s next game is at LaSalle on Wednesday, and their next home game is on the 26th against Quinnipiac. Also, we recommend Adafin get in touch with some European clubs – some of them could use forwards for the Champions League this week. 

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  1. !!!  

    in their defense, the gauchos were tripping pretty hard most of the game.

  2. fail

    "and was recieved several national and regional awards"

    me fail english? unpossible

  3. wow  

    a non-snarky complimentary post about the Columbia Lions? That lightness one feels is the suspenion of gravity from the earth momentarily pausing in rotation on its axis.

    What's next an endorsement of McCain/Palin?

  4. Congratulations  

    An awesome win for a team that has certainly endured its travails.

  5. wtv  

    SOCCER SUUUUUUUUUCKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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