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Oh look, the Spectator has launched its latest venture into the blogosphere.

This one’s called Spectacle, and it’s an arts and entertainment blog. Ahoy, Spectacle! (Fun fact: years ago, Spec‘s entire A&E section used to be called “Spectacle.”) So far there’s been disparate chatter about movies, video games, and food, among other things.

Fare thee well, Spectacle. May you be spared the terrible fate of Splogs past.

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  1. ....

    so bwog, a ton of your peers who had jobs lined up at merrill and lehman are now unemployed... this was such an opportunity for some sort of smart-assed post or something... you totally droped the ball on it...

    Oh the many ibanker jokes you have failed to make... really missed a chance to make fun of the starving ibankers who'll be joining the starving artists in the burroughs...

    Really? a splog? that's what you're reporting on? who cares about spectacle...

    • Bwog  

      A lot of Merrill and Lehman employees supporting their families also lost their jobs today -- not just twentysomethings.

      • The Commentariat  

        Nice high ground, Bwog.

        In other words, we still exist!

      • ...

        I'm glad that the silence is out of such honorable motives.... but wouldn't you think that the fact that Rome is burning is worth mentioning?

        The impact of this crisis are going to be so widespread for Columbia... Beyond those unemployed, let's not even begin to mention the effect it's going to have on new york city's economy and tax income...

        and with AIG on the brink, the meyham is far from over...

        • heh  

          Yes, I saw Bloomberg's sphincter tightening publicly at the prospect of losing all that stolen money from the cash cows in lower Manhattan. The city has been such an effective tax farmer in that respect, depending on the i-bankers.

          Screw the tax income, the city's been sucking on the financial sector's bloodied teats for so long. Leave 'em alone and let them recover.

  2. the most  

    annoying thing about this week is being in classes like foner's. and hearing him being all tittering and "haha not such a good week to be a capitalist, is it? haha. haha."

    and then the fucking sepa kids being all "tee-hee, tee-hee, market economy"

  3. yawn  

    Specblogs is trying to hard to be like bwog.

  4. A Suggestion  

    As far names go, how about Metro-Spec instead of Spectacle? Or is that equally bad?

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