The 8th Annual International Pickle Day

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First-year correspondent Jason Kruta went to the Lower East Side yesterday to check out the 8th Annual International Pickle Day. 

The New York Food Museum sponsored the Eight Annual NYC International Pickle Day bonanza in the Lower East Side.

Pickles of every shape, size and type abounded, from your run of the mill Kosher Dill to the deliciously exotic pickled Mongolian cantaloupe. Booths were plentiful, each with a moderate line that lead to bowls of sample pickles and jars for sale.

Also present were several Best Buy booths, a trumpet-electric guitar-accordion trio,  a farmer’s market, a rendition of Twelfth Night in the style of Victorian Cockney and delicious bratwurst and Bavarian pretzels.

One pickle stand was turning a killer profit by selling Dr. Brown’s soda, which, on an extremely hot and humid day like yesterday, was sweet nectar from the gods of something other than pickles. 

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  1. man  

    why are pickles so delicious??

  2. perhaps  

    all of that monosodium glutamate?

  3. yuck

    Pickes are cucumbers soaked in evil.

  4. eww  

    Pickles are not delicious.

  5. The amish

    have pickled boiled eggs. No joke, they sell it at their markets. How does that work????

  6. re: yuck  

    indeed, but Pickles are cucumbers soaked in brine... which is delicious.

    Also, there's no MSG in pickles, just regular salt, so up yours you snarky hater

  7. Anonymous  

    Writer's note: That's BEST Buy, not Bust Buy. I'm sure the latter would be quite a store, though.

  8. pickles  

    are fucking awesome and i wish i heard about this earlier

  9. desperately  

    upset that I missed this : (

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