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Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with your favorite tech blogs as of late or compulsively checking your Twitter on your new Blackberry or whatever, Bwog’s resident techies are here to fill you in on some exciting news in the tech world courtesy of some Columbia entrepreneurs., the LaunchboxDigital brainchild of Columbia seniors Satjot Sawhney and Ashish Kundra (You might remember them from their LionCard days), has officially launched. 

Basically, this thing is Twitter’s doppelganger, in that it’s another way to stay in touch with friends, on-the-go and throughout the day.  Oh, except unlike Twitter, Buzzable is open only to Columbia students.

Bwog has a profile on Buzzable too, so Tweet or Buzz or IM or telegraph us and we’ll do the same for you.

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  1. typo  

    it's "Ashish Kundra"

  2. umm  

    how is this different from facebook?

    no one is going to use this.

    • ashish  

      hey there,

      good question.

      facebook is really good at some things, like browsing profiles or pictures. but its also very packed with features that aren't necessarily useful.

      buzzable is very simple. tell your friends what you are doing. they can subscribe to your updates, and read them online or on their phones.

      try it out. we'd love to hear your feedback.

  3. ok but  

    if we can do those things through facebook, none of my friends will sign up for buzzable. therefore i wont have anyone to check updates from. also, everyone checks facebook at least once a day. no one is going to add buzzable to that, having already done something remarkably similar.

    • ashish

      you raise good points.

      facebook does have a status feature. but it's very different.

      it's not built for conversations. it's not mobile (we let you text in updates and/or receive text message updates from particular friends). it's also pretty inflexible (you can't subscribe to bwog's updates, for example).

      all in all, the culture of fb seems to overlook this feature. most of my friends don't update regularly. do you?

      we think people want to, if given the right user experience.

      that said, we're not claiming to be perfect. all we're doing is building something that we'd like to use with our friends. if people find it useful, great. if they don't, we'll try to figure out what would be useful. that's the nature of working on a start up.

      • ...  

        you guys should make a new social networking website called should be pretty much the same thing that facebook was before they screwed it all up. oh and the bottom of every webpage should say "mark suckerberg is a tool."

      • have you

        seen facebook chat? came out a few months ago. useful for chats.

        what is the difference between this and twitter? also, why is twitter useful?

        personally this appeals to a group of oversharers who think i care what they are doing at every moment. i don't. post a couple of pictures, update your job status, let me know you are alive. otherwise, i don't care.

  4. Do NOT  

    give it your gmail info. It will send it to everybody you have ever had any kind of contact with. Retarded.

  5. Satjot

    There was a mistake made with the buzzable code that spammed a user's gmail contacts. The error has been fixed. We apologize for the mistake. As a startup, there are severe growing pains and we hope not to make many mistakes. If we do make a mistake, however, we promise to correct the problem immediately.

  6. Be warned  

    I tried to delete my account and could not, wtf??

  7. again

    what's the difference between this and twitter?

  8. feedback.

    I don't know if im feeling it...

    Twitter already has all of the features of Buzzable, and you can expand it outside of your college circle (so it is much more advantageous to have a twitter than buzzable to begin with).

    Additionally, despite how "simple" it may be, buzzable is still a college networking website (much like facebook). And, granted, the status/chat features of facebook are not exactly the same as those of buzzable, the 21st century has been met with a plurality of communication means such as e-mail or mobile devices which have features such as mass text messaging. I respectfully submit that it is much more advantageous to exchange cell phone numbers/ email addresses with your floor mates/classmates/college friends to stay connected, rather than exchange buzzable accounts (or twitters for that matter). I mean, can anyone think of a time when they would need/use buzzable?
    Facebook covers keeping in touch for events, student interests groups and clubs. It also can be used as networking site both inside and outside of a college campus. Anything else can be handled fairly easily with an e-mail or text message/ phone call.

    Finally, twitter doesn't have the shitty bugs that buzzable has (like the one that accidentally invites Prez Bo to go see a movie).

    To be honest, i am surprised you thought buzzable would be a good idea.
    Sorry dudes, in my book this is epic fail.

  9. I think

    twitter/buzzable will become more useful when smart phones become a norm. For now, a lot of us less swanky college students, don't have the means to make use of such things. fb and gchat are good enough for now.

  10. hmm...

    i'm pretty sure these aren't the kids who created lion card. whoops, wrong s. asian seas students?

  11. ashish

    hey guys,

    will respond to the comments soon, working on some things

  12. asdf  

    these guys asked if I wanted to apply to be CTO


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