Campus Eateries: A Tale of New Hours

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jjsAn astute tipster informed Bwog today that he noticed odd hours at staple campus eateries Ferris Booth and JJs Place.  After a quick phone call to Dining Services, Bwog was able to dig up last year’s hours for comparison. 

Indeed, much has changed and no longer is it possible to make 3am romps to JJs from Butler study-forts in order to replenish diminishing Red Bull supplies. 

More to come on the administration’s reasons for these changes and cut-backs.  Full comparison of hours of these two locations after the jump.

Last Year’s Hours


Monday-Thursday 8pm – 4am

Sunday 3pm-4am

Ferris Booth

Monday-Thursday 9a.m.-7p.m.

Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.


This Year’s Hours


Monday-Thursday 6p.m.-2a.m.

Sunday 3p.m.-2a.m.

Ferris Booth

Monday-Thursday 11a.m.-8p.m.

Friday 11a.m.-2p.m.

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  1. Pissed Off

    Why is JJ's closing at 2am instead of 4am, that is ridiculous!

    Can CCSC at least extend hours for midterm/finals

  2. why  

    do Housing and Dining insist on degeneration rather than evolution? Why are they staffed by incompetent buffoons? Why do they always do what makes life for their office easiest rather than what makes the many people who pay their salaries' lives easiest? argh.

  3. morning bagel person  

    has ferris booth stopped serving bagels?

  4. wtf jj's  

    2 AM? does that mean their grill closes at 1AM this year? or will they hopefully be sane and keep the grill open for the actual hours that jj's is open?

  5. this

    just ain't right. Columbia's just being a bitch

  6. hungry  

    I have basically stopped eating breakfast since they shut down the ferris booth bagel man.

  7. can  

    they please bring back the asian food? The tacos are gross.

    • Ferris Booth

      They took away Asian food for Ferris Booth? That was really the only decent thing they had. (Although the price was much more than what you would pay for the real thing just across the street).

  8. well  

    rumor has it that housing & dining are splitting and will no longer be the same department. true, bwog?

  9. ugh  

    even more upsetting: inconsistency between "am pm" and "a.m. p.m."

  10. ronald mcdonald  

    i wonder how much pinnacle and hamdel paid off columbia to make this happen.

  11. wait  

    8 pm for ferris? that's misleading - i was just there at 7:30, and the only thing open was the taco stand.

  12. foolishness  

    whats even more ridiculous is that John Jay no longer gives out plastic bags for their take-out. Thanks for making us look like retards trying to balance the cup on top of the container, while trying to keep the fork and straw from sliding off...

  13. um...

    I believe the change in hours was due to the councils' Student Services Reps (and the councils themselves) analyzing JJ's traffic and determining the most cost-effective schedule for students.

    I also believe the 2-4 AM period was unfavorable due to the low traffic during that time...

    Can I get a confirmation on this, CCSC/ESC?

  14. CC 07  

    JJ's used to be open only until 2am until 2004-2005. One of CC '07 Class Council's actual achievements was getting JJ's to extend hours to 4am. So this is just a return to status quo.

    HOWEVER - back in the days of 2am JJ's, JJ's also opened on Saturday afternoon until about 8pm. The decision to move to a 4am closing involved 'redistributing' the Saturday hours. Now they seem to have simply been eliminated.

    This is why institutional history is important...

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