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Bwog’s all about tech-entrepreneurs these days: yesterday we posted on Buzzable (Columbia’s answer to Twitter), and today, it’s CampusPlaybook that’s struck our fancy. 

The all-encompassing campus calendar is the brainchild of Dan Gendler and Daniel Heyman, both CC ’09. It looks clean and professional, and it’s easy to browse and register. Each campus group that signs up receives its own page, plus, users can browse events by type, date, etc. Also, there’s a function that filters specifically for events with free food, because how else are you supposed to decide whether to go or not?

According to the Dans, over 40 groups have signed up already. 

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  1. "clean  

    and professional"? it looks more like 1997 than Bwog!

  2. yeah...  

    but there really isn't any sort of calender like it for student groups... the columbia website sucks for student events...

    if everyone signs up this should be pretty useful!

  3. What...

    happened to sundial or that calendar that barnard/gssc were wasting time on?

  4. ...  

    cool idea. ugly execution.

  5. no no  

    this is a GOOD idea. i bookmarked it and would be especially grateful if they keep it updated. PLZ. we really need something like this, sry bwog sidebar but you're not cuttin the mustard.

  6. yeahhhh  

    this is a good idea; everybody should put stuff on here.

  7. yikes

    are they really using the cu lion logo with the world trade center icon for sports teams? bad taste.

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