Google Hates the CUGOP

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Why is Google so biased against the Columbia University College Republicans?

A furtive, anonymous tipster, known only as “Dispose Me,” just informed Bwog of some foul play at work within the liberal search engine.

“The Columbia Republicans site appears to have been plagued with viagra ads. And penis elargments. It’s also quite visible when you google search for ‘columbia college republicans’. For the lazy.”

Also, according to well-places sources, this very Viagara-riddled website ceased to be the official online home of the CUGOP when Kulawik graduated. Apparently he didn’t leave the new board instructions on how to access and edit the site. (Note how he’s still listed as President). The new site, for those who want to keep their student group bookmarks updated, is here.

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  1. iberhoven  

    for christ's sake, mccain has seven houses, he can afford viagra on his own. no need to donate, guys.

  2. f*cking dems  

    Seems the site was hacked, and a bunch of hidden links are at the top of the HTML source.

  3. haha Kulawik  

    loathed by one and all.

  4. alum

    It's interesting that the CUGOP board is willing to criticize Kulawik now that he's gone but said nothing about him when he was at Columbia.

  5. ex-CUGOP

    Kulawik was really into building up a cult of personality.. if you challenged him at meetings, he'd find some way to get back at you

  6. alum

    Then you clearly don't realize who posted the comment. #7 never happened.

  7. mccain

    don't need no viagra. Don't you know that Palin is the new home of his Little Maverick?

  8. David Harrington  

    not only does Google hate the Columbia University College Republicans, but Sarah Palin hates them. If she were their mother, according to the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, they'd be "Shove Maggot Palin."

  9. ...  

    what do the cu gop website and john mccain's polling numbers have in common? they're both down!

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