Kim’s, Butler, and You

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You may remember that almost-dearly-departed Kim’s bequeathed its media collection to Columbia. Some have wondered whether this huge collection (40-50,000 titles) will lead to Butler actually allowing students to take DVDs and videos out of the library. Currently, the Butler media desk keeps your ID instead, and free rentals haven’t been allowed in at least a few years.

Now, though, a Bwog tipster confirms that it is likely that at least part of the collection would be checkout-able. However, first the administration will have to work out a system for checking out the DVDs, giving them call numbers, and finding storage space. Not surprisingly, this could take time. Until then, you’ll just have to rely on your family’s Netflix or less, um, legal methods.

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    or while still in butler rip them to your laptop. the more technological savy folk would chose to use their dvd writer and burn several ripped movie files onto one dvd, or save everything on an external hard drive. be creative.

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    Teach For America deadline at 3 am (12 pm pacific)!

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