Parking Space Outside Pinnacle Now A Cafe (Until 7 PM)

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Being Columbia students, and therefore not drivers, Bwog doubts you all pay much attention to parking spaces. Today until 7, though, students have turned two parking spaces along Broadway into public parks, as part of Park(ing) Day NYC. The initiative sees people take over parking spots around the city (about 50 this year), and turn them into public parks, to show how much space parking takes up. Outside Barnard’s entrance, the Barnard eco-reps have taken up one spot, and were last seen playing with some neighborhood kids.

Down outside Pinnacle, Nate Morgante CC ’09 and Boris Mindzak CC SEAS ’09 (best known for their work with Free Culture, though they say this is not a Free Culture event) have turned their parking space into a quasi-cafe, complete with drinks that look like wine from a distance (but are really Orangeade, Lemonade, and Berryade), plus cheese and crackers. Earlier there was even musical accompaniment. Morgante tells us that, though they still have cheddar and some other common types of cheese, students have managed to eat all the gouda, despite the cheeses being mixed together. Color us not at all surprised.


  1. seas  

    isn't boris in seas?

  2. ...

    this makes me miss california where there is enough space that people don't worry about the space it takes up...

  3. and  

    Teach For America deadline in 6 hours!

  4. parking parks

    This is stupid. I'll bet the idiots taking up parking spaces never had to park a car in NYC in order to get to work or school.

  5. ummmm  

    That's the point! use the subway, commuter rails, buses, bikes, etc and stop our dependency on cars in this city!

  6. NYC transit

    Try taking a subway or a commuter train during rush hour. I'd suggest about 6:00pm. Then please tell if you see any room to spare so that we can free up those "overcrowded" streets.

  7. biker  

    safer streets! more bikes! more trains!

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