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Community Board 9
discusses their views on the economy.

Nick Sprayregen starts sharing his views online.

Researchers now view the Hudson’s water as “much, much better.”

New state driver’s licenses will make bouncers view your fake with even more skepticism. 

A blogger puts forth his view on the Massad tenure fight.

The Spec editorial board decides news articles no longer need to precede writing their views.

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  1. where  

    is the picture from? I'd much rather be there.

  2. FIRST  


  3. Alum

    "Community Board 9 discusses their views on the economy."

    "Community Board 9" is singular, not plural. The board discusses *its* views on the economy. Board members, however, can discuss *their* views.

  4. TFA  

    is for people who have no other plans.

  5. over 21  

    "could also make it harder for students to obtain fake IDs."

    "much more difficult to forge ... the new cards."

    "when scanned, ... officials will know it is fake."

    "few traditional fake ID sources will be able to produce effective forgeries."

    The Spec could save a few column inches by just printing, "PEOPLE! OUR FAKE IDS WON'T WORK ANY MORE!"

  6. Sprinkles

    RE: The Massad tenure question, very little attention has been paid to how he defamed an Israeli scholar by accusing her of stealing Palestinian ideas, which led to a journal having to pay $75,000 in damages. He made a false accusation, he quite possibly libeled Gannit Ankori - that is serious stuff in terms of academic integrity.

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