1. i don't understand  

    why does everyone including Bwog think Kim's is so great? i think they suck. overpriced. and what's with that bullshit of having to put like $1000 on your account

  2. ^ idiots

    kim's WAS great. and while their music was overpriced, the dvds were often significantly under MSRP.

  3. Anonymous  

    kims sucked it was overpriced and full of hipster scum. the people who worked there were horrible.

  4. agreed  

    seriously, kims was selling the sex and the city DVD for $35. You're about to close, I don't think they can afford to do that!!! Good redince!!

  5. columbia '08

    Any news on why Kim's closed? I was just moving out of the neighborhood when they put up the "closeout sale" sign but I never got a real seemed surprising to me.

  6. Anonymous  

    Seriously? Riddance.

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