Ferris Reel: the Return

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The good people at Ferris Reel want you to know that Ferris Reel is back, again, but really! There’s “new leadership” and “lots of fun ideas,” according to Colin Drummond, who is one third of the new leadership.

The first screening of the semester is Thursday at 9 PM, and it’s going to be WALL-E, which we guess will probably sell out fairly quickly.

Other upcoming events include a Halloween marathon, an Alpinist-magazine sponsored festival, and free screenings and the like.

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  1. This conflicts...  

    ...with the office season premiere. What were they thinking. Silly ferris reel.

  2. Solution  

    Go to Ferris Reel, and watch The Office later online.

  3. How?

    when are ferris reel tickets available? their website was last updated in spring 2007.

  4. EVE  


  5. oh shit

    Bring out the tissues.

    Where and when can we purchase tickets for this?

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