GSSC VP of Student Life is in a State of Perpetual Resignation

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Bwog received the following email a few minutes ago from Richard Adams, the (outgoing!) GSSC VP for Student Life. “I believe [the letter] stands on its own merits,” he wrote somewhat ominously. Except the letter is nearly incomprehensible, and Adams seems to be simultaneously resigning and calling for a vote to determine whether he should resign.

According to Adams, he learned of his own resignation in an email sent to him last Friday from GSSC President Brody Berg. This “alarmed” his colleagues because… what?

Anyway, he takes the opportunity to lambast the GSSC, calling it “a body that is increasing out-of-touch with and irrelevant to the needs and concerns of the GS student body. It has become almost obsessively concerned with the needs of the Council rather than the constituency it needs to serve.”

And then he resigns! And might do so again tomorrow!

Full letter after the jump.

September 22, 2008 

Dear Friends and/or Colleagues: 

I learned that I had resigned from the General Studies Student Council by way of an e-mail from the GSSC President on Friday afternoon, and that another Councilperson was in place to assume my duties. In reaction to that e-mail, I have placed an item on the agenda of the September 23, 2008 Council meeting which asks that there be a vote to decide whether or not I should continue in my position as Vice President for Student Life of the GSSC, a position I was elected to by vote of the student body. While I had discussed my stepping down earlier on Friday with the President, I had not yet submitted my resignation. When fellow Councilmembers contacted me, alarmed by the President’s communication, I was taken aback by this bizarre (and possibly unconstitutional) action. 

I believe that this situation – more than likely caused by mis-communication rather than any attempt by the President to treat me unfairly – is indicative of a troubling tendency within the GSSC. It is a body that is increasing out-of-touch with and irrelevant to the needs and concerns of the GS student body. It has become almost obsessively concerned with the needs of the Council rather than the constituency it needs to serve. It diverts energies away from initiatives that could tangibly improve the lives of GS students and channels these energies into resolving internal political and personal conflicts within the Council. In short, GSSC has marginalized itself into irrelevance. 

Given all the above, and considering the fact that my working relationship with the President of the GSSC has been irreparably damaged, I resign from my current position on the GSSC, and will decline to accept any future role on Council. I wish all of you success in pursuing the goals that caused you to seek a position on Council, and, in particular success to the new Vice President of Student Life as (s)he strives to bring quality and relevant programming which served the needs of the students of the School of General Studies. 

Richard L. Adams

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  1. Anonymous  

    I agree that the letter is not 100% clearly written, but my understanding is that it is written to replace the motion to impeach. I think a wise and justifiable move.

  2. haha  

    old people being petty and pretending anything pertaining to their 'college' actually matters, hilarious!

    • ...  

      Is this the real life-
      Is this just fantasy-
      Caught in a landslide-
      No escape from GSSC-
      Open your eyes
      Look up to the skies and see-
      Im just a old man,i need no sympathy-
      Because Im easy come,easy go,
      breaking wind,as you know,
      Anyway the wind blows,doesnt really matter to me,
      To me

      Obama,just killed a man,
      a bank run starts to spread,
      fooled greenspan,so i've read,
      Obama,life had just begun,
      But now Ive gone and thrown it all away-
      Mama ooo,
      Didnt mean to make you cry-
      If Im not back again this time tomorrow-
      Carry on,carry on,you'll be hearing from the lenders-

    •'re young  

      I agree with you about the pettiness, but our "college" is the same as yours so do you also just attend "college"?

  3. that is...  

    some legit double-speak. An email in which you simultaneously resign and ask for a vote to decide whether or not you keep your position.
    Orwell would be proud.

  4. omg

    I pulled brody aside and told him of my concerns relating to richard during the campaign when he could even figure out whether or not we are running. Sad news.

  5. typed too fast

    *whether or not he was running

  6. GSer  

    Just shows how the GSSC takes itself wayyyyy too seriously (and how they are the only ones on the campus bother to think about it at all). Let's just drape a dark cloak over the whole group and hope that they will go away, quietly.

  7. GSSC  

    I am new to GSSC this year. And shocked by what is going on. I don't know who is more wrong or more right. Maybe both sides are wrong. But I do see that Brody is busy building his personal empire. What he needs to know is that it is an empire constructed on a house of cards.

    • wow  

      Are you planning to assassinate him?

    • Ah, yes  

      Yes, here we are again: another year, another GS "student council" which promised us that "things will be different with us as your Leaders."

      Disgusting. And it's no surprise to see that Brody is engaging in a rather aggressive campaign of self-aggrandizement.

      Why do you people waste your time with student council activity? It's a nasty habit which should be left to high school children.

      GS doesn't need another year of loudmouthed clowns making noise as "representatives." We don't need them.

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