CCSC 2012: The Election on the Internets

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The Freshman elections for Columbia College Student Council approach (Bwog is sitting on its hands for October 6th and 7th) and in order to keep you the voter informed, here is a recap of the six parties running and why they think
cyou should vote for them.

Candor Party

Facebook group size: 76

Website: Features a predominantly beige, grey and blue color-scheme and details on social events and some class-wide and school-wide changes that they want made.

Naive idea: “Pull the Plug Night” hopefully isn’t going to involved Columbia cutting out its power-grid.

Analysis: Definitely one of the front-runners in this election, at least in the highly inaccurate world Facebook polling, but elections are won by votes, not slick websites with cute pictures. 




Liberty Party (only Syed Hossain for Representative)

 Facebook group size: 16

Analysis: Not much information on his platform on the Facebook group and no website that Bwog could find, but LE:MON Party last year showed that Representatives can be elected even if the whole party does not, so we’ll have to see if Hossain is able to pull bullet votes for a victory. 



New York Connection

nycFacebook group size: 81

Website:  An old-school, paper design is attractive, however almost all of their policies focus on New York City and they do not offer many on-campus ideas.  All in all, they seem very focused on a few issues as opposed to a broad spectrum.

Naive idea: Unlimited swipe during brunch and dinner.  Although it would be a good way for 12s to make friends with hungry, broke upperclassmen…

Analysis:  They need to convince people that they will be working for them for all aspects of their scholastic lives, not just getting them in touch with the city.. 



Real Party

rFacebook group size: 79

Naive idea: Open JJ’s Place on Weekends…Bwog is holding its breath and joining the HamDel VIP instead.

Analysis: They are making a popular organizational effort in trying to organize their policy goals under larger umbrella goals of Quality of Life, Social Life, and Academic Life.  If they can convince Freshmen that they can get at least some of these things done, they have a good shot at being successful in October.



Vision Party

vFacebook group size: 67

Website: The comic book theme gives Vision a more playful appearance than the other, more professional-looking websites. 

Naive idea: Create the freshman committee on admissions.  You were just accepted, be happy with that Fresh-folk!

Analysis: If they can get across that they will get the job done (and not just take beauty shots) their skill at bolding important words and dressing sharply might be what they need.



Woof Party

woofFacebook group size: 22

Naive idea: Equal opportunity for freshmen class registration.  Someone didn’t get into Music Hum…

Analysis:  While it seems like a great idea to say that you want everyone’s ideas, the reason that people vote in council members is because they themselves are too lazy to want to come up with their own ideas.  And if you want to “bark” at the administration, there’s not too much chance that they’ll listen.


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  1. Dear Twelves:

    I have an idea. Find a way to get the new food and drink police out of Butler. If I have to have another drink monitor bitch me out for having a Blue Java tea in a "Green Zone" reading room (where "Food and drink is allowed,"), I might scream.

    Which would be wholly inappropriate library behavior.


    pull the plug night? WHAT THE HELL...
    all i'm going to say is
    I hope I'm not writing a freaking essay that night.

  3. no waaay  

    omgzors Candor Party wants a winter dance in Low? God they're ballsy.

  4. HEY


    2012 did :'(


  5. NYC  

    Breaking News: According to their facebook group, "Stephan" endorsed New York Connection.

  6. oh man  

    the Real Party is so glamorous, it's like looking into Vogue

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