Charles Rangel Subject of Ethics Investigation

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Bwog does not normally do non-Columbia political news, but we thought this was of enough local interest to mention. Congressman Charles Rangel, who represents part of Harlem and some Columbia students, is being investigated by the House of Representatives “Committee on Standards of Official Conduct”.

Among other allegations, Rangel is being investigated for the acceptance of “several rent-stabilized apartments from a Manhattan developer” and not paying back taxes on income from a Puerto Rican villa. Also, Rangel has apparently already paid back $10,000 in back taxes, “explaining that the mistakes in his taxes were inadvertent oversights.” We wish we could miss $10,000 in our taxes…

For what it’s worth, the Washington Post wants him to stay.


  1. Since when  

    is 2 week old news breaking?

  2. right  

    because this story (which is as old as time) is clearly the important political story going on now.

  3. Whatsnew

    Did you know that Charles Rangel he requested 1.9 Million for his Library.
    He is planning TO BUILD a "MONUMENT TO ME" (Rangel said)
    Does he have a charity of some kind??

    When do these guy spend their own money for things they want??

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