Holla at Challah (and Begging Bankers)

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doughHaven’t seen this one before: Chabad is luring passersby with challah dough, which you can mix with raisins, cinnamon, and chocolate chips to bring home and bake for midafternoon deliciousness. The challah-pushers seemed a little crestfallen to hear that Bwog wasn’t actually Jewish, but we feel sure that Gentiles wouldn’t be turned away.

Meanwhile, the banging sound from College Walk comes from  the College Democrats, who are protesting the handing out of dough in much larger quantities: $700 billion to Wall Street. They want you to call Sen. Chuck Schumer to tell him to get behind Chris Dodd, who has put forward a plan to regulate the bailout — better call now, because the deal’s almost done anyway!

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  1. Jeff Sachs  

    How about we give that money to Africa instead?


    • how about  

      we give money to africa after we've solved our own problems first?

      i'm a self-declared liberal, but i don't think we should preoccupy ourselves with this notion that America is the world's savior and it's our job to take care of everyone else's problems.

      note: i don't approve of this no-strings-attached bailout, but let's pull our economy out of the gutter before we think about handing over our tax dollars to other nations. does the $6 trillion deficit ring a bell?

  2. or....

    ...we can give them the challah

  3. better yet...

    ...we can give them Chabad!

  4. ...  

    can you eat challah dough raw like cookie dough, or does it give you hasidic worms?

  5. haha  

    i love how there's one person on here who's trying to actually say intelligent things, and everyone else is just making challah jokes.

  6. ...

    I'm a democrat but I think the College Dems are being moronic

    As I'm walking by some girl from their table says to me: "Do you have $2000 for wall street?"

    I ignored them and walked on but I think it is stupid for anyone to be questioning the need for a bailout. The financial system is in the ICU right now and it needs serious surgical intervention to be fixed. It's not about "money for wall street." The financial system is the circulatory system of a capitalist economy. If the financial sector freezes up, then the capital won't flow to those steelworkers in West Virginia or those factory workers in Michigan and they will all be out of a job and home. I think anyone who is trying to say that this $700B is just to help wall street, needs to get out of their dogmatic hole.

    I'll entertain arguments on regulation or CEO compensation. But this financial system needs surgery now; we can talk about lifestyle changes to avoid this later... not when everybody's well-being hangs in the balance...

    • yes!  

      I am a democrat too and it pissed me off! I confronted them about it. Asked them if they had read either proposal... they said no, before one girl said well i have and so of most of our members... bullshit. They clearly have no idea the economic implications of what is going on wall street, nor do they understand what this bailout would do, or what is at stake, or well anything else for that matter. Anyways their cat call about $2700 was stupid. They tried explaining where they got the numbers, which is pretty obviously $700 billion/300 million people. They didn't get what was wrong with banging a pot and ask if people had 2700 for wall street. But what they were actually advocating for was more regulation which is reasonable, but I don't know why they had to yell out those moronic things.
      Also I took a paper which told me to call Charles Schumer. First of all the paper didn't even have his number on it which was a major oversight. Am I really supposed to look it up? Is that really effective? Second of all since he is in meetings all day about a deal that has already been struck by now, what the hell is the point of telling people to call.
      Leave it to the college dems to alienate democrats by being morons. Lovely. I only hope they didn't alienate independents who are worried about the economy. What a boned headed move.

      • ummm  

        i don't know what event you were at... the college dems were asking for 2300, which is the proper amount. the pots and donation calling got people's attention, like my own, who don't normally stop for activism events on campus. and considering they emailed their body with copies of the dodd proposal and had print-outs with summaries of it - yeah, i'm pretty sure they read the proposal.

    • ...  

      i think the bailout is a ridiculously bad idea.

      the principle of risk serves as the brains of this economy and deleting it with a bailout of this magnitude is akin to a lobotomy.

      talk of "putting limits of executive pay" is ridiculous. if a firm is not in a state where they've cut executive pay to the bone as part of emergency cost saving measures, then they're not in yet in dire enough straits to be asking for corporate welfare.

      lets be honest here folks, there's been a lot of end-of-the-world rhetoric, a few ibank failures and a few days on the stock market that have sucked, but not as bad as 2001. i think the markets are perfectly capable of absorbing these loses, it's just that investors don't want them, and the markets are bearing that sentiment.

      • wha??  

        who are you? what are you smoking and can i have some of that? Hello ... look at economic indicators released today. They suck. Unemployment is way up, other stuff is way down. Every economist worth his/her salt is gravely worried and so are business people. Without getting into nitty gritty mathematical element of what happened and why it is devastating it is clear you are incredible naive and have no idea what you are talking about. You are safe in your ivory tower, but if there is no bailout it is not wall street that is hurt, but pension funds, retirees, and the many many people that will lose their jobs.

        • ...  

          the banks are going to buy and sell each other and some will fail. either they'll right the ship amongst themselves or the whole thing will sink. this is irrespective to whether or not $700bn-$3tn of taxpayer money is carelessly thrown on the fire.

      • ...

        You sir are the reincarnation of Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury under Herbert Hoover.

        Thank god the "leave-it-alone" strategy was disproved in the great depression......

        • EAL  

          Oh yes, that "New Deal" really brought the economy back into full swing didn't it?

          Truth be told, much of the Republican Party of the early 1930s contained misguided protectionists anyway (see the Smoot-Hawley Tariff), but to fix the market by constricting it further is really not the answer.

  7. also  

    free coke (as in coca-cola, sorry guys) on Broadway by the gates

  8. ...

    Washington Mutual went down tonight......

    This isn't a joke...

    In the long run, the market will without a doubt sort itself out if you leave it alone. But as Keynes said, "we're all dead in the long run."

    This crisis has the potential to reach the scale unlike anything this country has seen in decades if we don't act.

  9. Pro Tempore

    Interesting that Dodd didn't seem to think his job entailed enough responsibilities last year. Of all the people that are being blamed for not doing more sooner, it is curious that he somehow escapes mention, and largely escapes criticism.

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