This Website Will Tell You Where to Vote

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A politically active tipster clued us in to, a neat website that allows your to figure out whether it makes more sense to vote here, in New York, or in your home state. (Though chances are it’s probably going to make more sense — or just as much sense — to vote in the latter.)

Anyway, it’s great because then it provides you with stuff like absentee ballot deadlines and the 2004 election’s margin of victory.

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  1. hey  

    what is going on on the steps? some guy is talking into a microphone about stuff

  2. toss up  

    california versus new york...pretty sure I know where each is going in the next election.

    but all california people should vote absentee in california! we've got two important things on the ballot: high speed rail initiative, and the amendment on marriage. vote wisely on both.

  3. ...

    too late to register, son.

  4. poopies  

    Texas vs. New York...same shit different political direction

  5. well  

    check out 538 projections as well. count more only looks at the 04 results

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