Breaking: Fire in Dodge

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There’s currently a fire in Dodge, and a nervous professor is running through the stairwell yelling to anyone who will listen, “This is not a drill.” Also, the area surrounding Dodge smells like smoke. Check back for more updates.

UPDATE: According to Public Safety, there wasn’t a fire, just a “smoke condition” caused by an overheated transformer.

— Photo by Cliff Massey

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  1. Visual Arts MFA  

    We didn't start the fire...

  2. Music MFA  

    It was always burning
    Since the kiln's been turning

  3. Film MFA  

    We were making a movie...about fire!

  4. hephaistos  

    thank hephaistos... now we'll be free of those artsies once and for all!

  5. um....  

    you posted this an hour ago and have yet to update...so...is dodge still standing?

  6. nice billy joel ref  

    it was a fun break actually. no real fear from anyone.

  7. Aluminum

    I bet a swooning undergrad set herself on fire trying to attract James Franco's attention.

    ...did it work? 'Cause I got matches...

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