Columbia Republicans Not Taking a Campaign Trip

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jerseyOver a month ago, CU Dems made plans to visit Northern Virginia to help push Obama and House and Senate candidates over the edge to victory. 

Bwog has now heard that the Republicans will be going to campaign in New Jersey on Election Day.

Both trips will be funded entirely out of the groups’ own pockets, as it is against University Regulations — an argument originated last year by former CUGOP president Chris Kulawik — for Columbia to fund any partisan campaigning, as it could jeopardize their 501(c)(3) IRS tax status.

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  1. Lauren Salz  

    does realize that the dems campaign trip is always funded by outside money and not with their SGB allocation?

  2. umm

    then why did the Dems have to return $1,971 to SGB last year?

  3. Yeah  

    Kulawik's biggest accomplishment was blowing the whistle to make the Dems use non-SGB money for campaign trips...so this post is wrong in all kinds of ways.

    But it's funny that we can't get rid of that asshole's legacy. Also, good luck with NJ, Republicans, but Obama has the fire this year, and we're taking all 50.

  4. haha

    the only waste of money here is a republican campaign in New Jersey

    • nj gop  

      There's a race for Senate that the GOP will probably lose, but Lautenberg is vulnerable. Also there are some very competitive House races. Presumably the CU GOP will be working on these races for the Congress, not the presidential, but who knows.

      • EAL  

        The New Jersey State Democratic Party is so corrupt. They deserve to lose this race, especially since Lautenberg is one of the Democrats' reigning kings of pork. But because this is a presidential election year (and this IS New Jersey, after all), they will probably win it.

        If I were voting there, I would probably write in Tom Kean, Sr. or better yet Millicent Fenwick.

  5. cucr alum

    What a waste of a post, Bwog. It's sad that you have to keep being up Kulawik to keep things interesting. He's probably laughing at you up at Harvard.

  6. Anonymous

    Why would students congratulate a fellow student in limiting the ways in which student orgs can spend their money?

    More student choice > a debatable interpretation of the tax code (unless tax court or IRS have ruled on that very issue)

  7. blue

    It's ridiculous that so many people here criticize Chris Kulawik as if he was their Congressman or President, instead of just a fellow undergraduate student with opinions different from their own. Truly immature.
    Heaven forbid someone say a bad word about their "fearless leaders."

  8. Even if

    They're using SGB funds, won't it take until 2012 for people to be reimbursed?

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