Message to Campers: Get Out!

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butlerWe are on the eve of midterms and many students are preparing sleeping bags, dry foods and canteens of Redbull for their first Butler camp out of the year.  But alas, in his email to the Senior class, Mark Johnson has informed us that The Powers That Be have decreed that every room in our beloved library shall be evacuated daily for cleaning and removal of camping gear.  The full notice is after the jump.

Attention Butler-goers! Rooms will be closed daily for one hour and unattended personal items will be MOVED! 

In an effort to cut down camping in Butler, library administrators have created new policies that have gone into effect this semester.  Each room will close for one hour, and any unattended items left in the room will be removed to allow for proper cleaning. Additionally, swipe access will restrict non-Columbia University students from entering in the evenings, and a staff member will patrol the building from 12-8am every Sunday to Thursday to report camping activity.

To find out more information, pick up a pamphlet at the main entrance of Butler or view a more detailed description of the guidelines at: [this address]

and the room cleaning schedule hours at: [this address].

Finally, If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]


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  1. I am  

    so ridiculously happy about this. It took them a while to figure out a solution, but perfect, at least I can have one year to get a seat in the library when i want it

  2. Alum

    Great solution! This will help immensely!

  3. IDK Why But  

    That pisses me off.
    I don't know why.

  4. meh  

    Having to get up and migrate during a study session sucks.

    also: "a staff member will patrol the building from 12-8am every Sunday to Thursday to report camping activity"?

    Snitches get stitches. That's all I'm saying...
    -Grad Student

  5. im confused

    if the room is closed won't ALL belongings be unattended? Or does everyone just have to clear out entirely for that hour?

  6. seriously  

    Grad students should be allowed in milstein which is supposed to be only for undergrads!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alum2008

    I am so excited that Mark is publicizing this.

    1. This initiative began last year, as a joint initiative between CCSC, ESC, and CU Libraries; you may have seen some of the "No Camping" or "Going Camping? Not Here" flyers around Butler.
    2. If you want to take a spot in Butler and know someone's been camping there, ask a librarian or staff member to move it. (If the camper gets pissed, tell the librarian, he/she will work with him/her and Public Safety to arrange a solution)
    3. I highly recommend to stop camping AND leaving your stuff around; while cleanliness is one problem, theft has become another (people have been stealing more and more notebooks and textbooks recently)!

    Again, glad to see this being publicized.

    -shah (USenate alum)

  8. Another Solution

    If someone's left stuff unattended for more than 10-15 minutes, stack it neatly and put it on the floor. If they whine/cry/yell when they return, tell them they can do the same to your stuff when you leave it there.

    Pulling the "finders keepers, losers weepers" or "move your feet, lose your seat" defenses also work.

  9. barnard

    now all thats left is getting the barnard bitches to leave

  10. someone  

    this is one of the few things Columbia has done right.

  11. agree  

    barnard has their own library.

  12. clg  

    one-hour closings also mean that food is allowed in many of the rooms now - not that it really matters that much. also, they close at hours when nobody is in the library anyway, and on a rotating schedule - so to complain that your study will be interrupted is kind of dumb.

  13. psssh  

    this fucks up all my alcove plans. i guess i will just have to wait outside the doors waiting for 303 to re-open at 3:30 AM. this is going to be a great semester.

  14. yeah  

    blah lahb lah blah blahb lah blah blah blah blah blah blah


  15. weird

    does anyone else find it odd that alums have nothing better to do with their lives/columbia degrees than continue to read bwog daily and post on it....and admit to reading and posting on it...

    just saying.

  16. another alum

    I just keep Bwog on my RSS feed; only fastest way to keep in touch with what's going on...

  17. except that  

    last week, they came and closed 209 at 10:30 PM for cleaning. that's just inconvenient, esp since the sign said it would be closed from 6-7AM or something like that.

  18. heh

    Oh man I love this. I used to put crap on the floor in the aloves when people would camp them and then leave nasty notes for when they returned. This is a happy day.


    what will they do with laptops that are locked to chairs?

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