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for saleIf this Craigslisting is to be believed, it appears as though Cafe Fresh on 121st and Amsterdam — the School of Social Work hangout known for its beautiful location and slow-as-molasses service — could be up for sale.

UPDATE, 12:26pm: A call to Cafe Fresh reveals that it is not, in fact, selling itself. So the ad is either a prank, or there’s another corner cafe that started 2.5 years ago selling coffee and American fare on Amsterdam avenue in the 120s.

The post says the place makes $550,000-$600,000 per year, but no word on how much they’re asking. Hey, now seems like a good time to get into the restaurant business!

Also while knocking around on everyone’s favorite internet marketplace, we found a benevolent reverend studying at Columbia advertising his (or her) marriage officiation services for FREE. So get off your ass and pop the question already; this offer may not be around forever

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  1. reverend  

    i am the anonymous reverend and i want to announce that this offer will indeed be around forever

  2. Still single  

    That is my roommate! Woot.

  3. if so, good

    That place always pisses me off with its almost-greatness hobbled by service screwups. Maybe different management would help.

  4. hmmmm  

    Max Cafe fits these criteria, too. It would be odd, though, if they weren't selling Max SoHa too.

  5. that momma

    is really mean. My experiences at cafe fresh follow the following cycle: she makes me feel really bad for ordering, i realize that i'm overpaying her, vow never to come back, and then i come back 3 weeks later. what can you do? their coffee is really good.

  6. agreed  

    just walked by today and wondered how she can stay in business, with her nasty attitude and perpetual service mistakes.

  7. Cafe Fresh  

    Once good, now the lack of table service--or any decent service at all--really ruined it for me. And I walked all the way up there too.

  8. ...  

    i thought the whole point of college was to get some roommate who will one day officiate your refreshingly short 15 minute wedding ceremony.

    at least that's how it works in california.

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