Hotdogs in the Dark

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carnicalThe cotton candy line is long out here on South Lawn, but CUMB is here with their inflatable penis, there’s a bigger inflatable thing that you can actually bounce around in–and the music’s just getting rolling (now featuring Bwog’s own Tony Gong!). Swing by CCSC’s Homecoming Carnival on your way to whatever.

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  1. why

    was there a non-Columbia ambulance on South lawn w/ its lights on

  2. and

    Thanks Bwog for not even recognizing any of the other councils for the carnival


  3. cotton candy

    Stiglitz on the federal reserve board - "The Federal Reserve Board shares too much of the mind-set of those it is supposed to regulate. It could and should have known that something was wrong. It had instruments at its disposal to let the air out of the bubble—or at least ensure that the bubble didn’t over-expand. But it chose to do nothing."

  4. Congrats....  

    to that person who choked on a marshmallow during Chubby Bunny and then had to be CAVA'd. BWOG needs to run a full story on that.

  5. She's OK now  

    thanks to the person who initiated the heimlich.
    - her suitemate

  6. A big thing

    that everyone can bounce around in...YOUR MOM'S VAGINA?

  7. bwog  

    hosted by CCSC,ESC,GSSC and SGA!!!!!!
    just look at the photo

  8. hey  


    yay LAZERTAG!

  9. tired  

    Huh? GSSC doesn't even have a Student Life rep!

  10. perhaps  

    the title of this article can also be used on tonight's first friday dance?

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