QuickSpec: Sad But True Edition

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frown“If all of us were to suddenly vanish, most of the country probably wouldn’t even notice

Paying the rent: still a bitch 

College students: still poor and hungry! 

Columbia football has only won games in the future.

An 18-fold increase in enforcement for alcohol offenses? 

Tom DeMott is Spec opinion’s go-to person on rent regulation 


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  1. bwog fan  

    Now the Spec looks at the Safety Report? Maybe next week, if we're lucky, we'll get an article about the pigeon in Butler.

  2. Reality Check

    English majors contribute minimally to the United States economy and productivity. Sure, diplomacy is a nice thing and you need to be eloquent but is form really a substitute for substance? You can always learn to speak well.

    I think not.

    Generally, the SEAS kids have it right, albeit most of them go into finance which is more about shifting ownership of innovations and funding them it rather than actual creation of goods. The crux of societal progression since the industrial revolution has been about improving quality of life through technological innovation. It cannot be disputed that engineers, scientists, and researchers generate a huge amount of real capital for the US.

    English is probably an enjoyable major for "bookworms" but when was the last time that a literary device saved the economy? Obama, for all his eloquence, charm, and passion still needs to know real, hard facts about the economy in order to rescue us from a spiral towards depression.

    But after saying that it all boils down to one thing:

    Substance over Form. Always.

  3. Oops

    I guess english majors can be useful after all.

    I meant to put the "you can always learn to speak well" after the "I think not."

    Damn this comment box for being to small for me to check what I'm writing...

  4. anonymous

    No wonder Columbians are so supportive of rent control.. many of them aspire to be useless academic careers in which they will NEED rent control.

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