Campus Invaded by Roving Bands of Parents

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If you’ve been on campus today, you may have seen groups of parents wandering around. Then you’ve realized that these groups of parents are particularly large, and that not all of them have kids with them. Plus, it’s a chilly weekend to be taking college tours, so what gives?

Yes, it’s that long-forgotten first-year ritual of Parents Weekend, which is the same weekend as Homecoming each year. Nervous parents of first-years travel to campus “just to check in” on their darlings in the big city, and each year, it’s only the parents of first-years who come. If you are confronted by these bands of parents, Bwog reminds you that they are mostly harmless: answer their questions politely and try not to mention fake IDs or beer pong tournaments—it’ll only upset them. 

The most important reason we mention this, though, is that there will be receptions for the parents in Lerner Hall and elsewhere. The appetizers there are often really good, and really free.

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  1. sick  

    bwog, please keep us posted when you've got times & locations

  2. curious  

    what are all those buses doing on broadway? theres like 15 of them

  3. mum  

    curiosity killed the cat

  4. tell them  

    of your escapades deflowering freshmen. Why NOT upset them? If they came all the way here to check on their kids, clearly they are anxious something's wrong. It would be a wasted trip if there was nothing to report back.

  5. nuh-uh  

    parents weekend is not usually the same weekend as homecoming. i'm 2010 and my freshman year, my parents were not present at the drunken revelry that ensued post-homecoming.

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