How NOT to Complain About Midterms

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Midterms are starting up for many students. Actually, if you’re in all the science classes that don’t understand it is impossible to have more than one midtermmidterms have started up for many students. So there will be plenty of student-teacher email exchanges about missing classes, studying for the test, and other forms of electronic begging. 

Just make sure your email does not end up on this forum, a long running-thread on the Chronicle for of Higher Education‘s website of professor’s “favorite” student emails. Equally impressive to the hilariously pompous and/or illiterate requests from students are the really angry prof reactions that show that professors are just as bitter and cyncial as you are during midterms.  

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  1. ...

    "Actually, if you're in all the science classes that don't get it is impossible to have more than one midterm, midterms have started up for many students."

    whaa? did sara palin take a job as a part time corespondent for bwog?

    • the opposite  

      i doubt sarah palin would realize that you can't have technically can't have more than one midterm, since midterm means "halfway" through the term. shoulda clicked on the link, #2

  2. Alum

    It's Chronicle *of* Higher Education, not "for".


    At least this isn't as bad as the post about the "Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints". (Not that anyone's bothered to correct the *three* errors in that eight-word phrase since I pointed them out yesterday.)


  3. actually,  

    the science classes are the ones that have more than one midterm

  4. that..  

    would be the most incomprehensible bwog entry i've ever read. congrats bwog.

  5. emails  

    One of the best ones a came across in the threat you linked to:

    "Dear Prof. Avantgarder,
    I am sorry that I have missed three weeks of your course. I know that you have a strict attendance politcy, and I realize that I have zero participation points, which accounts for 10% of my grade. And I know that I failed the first paper and failed to turn in the second one. As you can see, I did read the e-mail message you sent me yesterday, recommending that I drop your course.

    But I am going to stay in your class because it is one of my favorite classes.

    Your student"


  6. what?  

    This article made no sense. The best part about it is the picture of Umbridge.

  7. Here u have it!  

    Group Therapy for Professors:

    "They are so young. One thing I have noticed is while this would have had me completely freaked out a few years ago, now I just find it amusing.

    I remember when I knew everything. I don’t remember thinking my instructors knew nothing though, except for that one guy. And it turned out, he did know a lot, but was too drunk most of the time to convey it!

    I am beginning to understand that option."

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