Autumnal Activites: Apple Picking

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Autumn, the year’s most magical season, is finally upon us. To celebrate the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the air, Bwog will be suggesting different autumnal activities that are designed to increase your appreciation of the season. 

About forty minutes north on the Palisades is Dr. Davies Farm, a produce stand and designated apple picking area. You’ll notice it right away because it’s an unassuming barn and farmhouse surrounded by about 47 Audi station wagons. The occupants of said station wagons are families from New York and New Jersey who’ve brought their kids for the hayrides, pumpkin patch, and other child-friendly outdoor activities.

There will be a lot of kids, and they’ll be fussy — hay is itchy — but you’re here for the apple picking. $32 buys you and Apple Grabbing Claw Thing (see below) and a huge plastic bag (though of course what you’re paying for is less the actual bag and more the privilege of being about to fill it with up 25 lbs of apples.)


Behind the farmhouse are fields and fields of apple trees that are organized by type of apple. When Bwog visited yesterday, there were two varieties of apple in season: Red Delicious and Cortland. Since it’s already relatively late in apple season, most of the good fruit hangs off fairly high branches, which is where your Apple Grabbing Claw Thing comes in. Or, live dangerously and climb the tree.

Back towards the farmhouse, there’s a produce stand with fresh squash, zucchini, lettuce, etc. There’s also Old-Timey candy like sugar sticks and homemade caramels. Oh, and there are apples for sale.

How to Get There: ZipCar. There’s unfortunately no public transportation nearby.

Tips: Wear boots. The ground is covered with apples in various stages of decay.


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  1. midterm blues  

    this makes me miss suburbia...

  2. its ridiculous  

    that you choose a farm you can only get to by driving - not all of us are rich enough to own cars in the city, or to spend over $120 to rent a car for a day (and that's NOT including ZipCar's membership fee).

  3. aristocrat  

    well, some of us are! quiet serf! (not really--i just found it ridiculous how worked up about it you got. it's only a post.)

  4. Baffled  

    Just castigated by some woman in Avery with a, "WRONG!" and accusatory finger for forking cantaloupe from a plastic container. Are these people actually paid for their enforcement of "library zones." I mean, come on.

    • GTFO  

      That woman earned every penny of her wages. Why do you think it's acceptable to bring your nasty smelling melon into a library full of irreplaceable and highly valuable books? If you need to put food into your mouth, do that in the Uris cafeteria. It's not rude of a library employee to remind you of the social norm which the rest of your classmates understand, in which you don't subject us to the unwelcome sounds and smells of your healthy mid-afternoon snack.

      So really, friend, you are the one who should come on.

      • oh dear  

        Now we really know it's midterm season.

      • Touché  

        Because: one, it's certainly not poignant enough to distress anyone within appropriate library proximity (aside from the fact its aroma is altogether pleasing), and two, it's contained and nowhere near any of said irreplaceable and highly valuable books. Is the cafeteria the appropriate place for dining? Sure, as concerns full meals. Is it unreasonable to nourish one's body and mind in as clearly non-invasive a way, and to do so without the heckling of one holding so obviously superfluous a position (if indeed, that is all it entails)? I say no. Each individual is surely rational enough to realize what constitutes appropriate eating behavior. Are these arbitrary designations and authoritarian infringements just? You, sir, consider that the next time your stomach rumbles and your brain fatigues whilst achieving undergraduate glory.

  5. or...  

    the college activities office at barnard does an apple picking and outlet shopping trip every fall for only $5. i believe there are still some spaces remaining, and it's open to columbia students this year...

  6. is anyone else's  

    bwog look all weird?

  7. how do  

    i sign up for the barnard apple picking trip?

  8. dr. davies  

    is amazing!!!!!!! plus they have great produce in the summer, especially the corn!

    Although I wouldn't really take a trip there from Columbia...

  9. now this  

    is the real CORE curriculum!

  10. ???  

    my bwog looks weird too...all the formatting and sidebars and colors are gone

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